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Day 5-Wyoming

Today started early. We packed up camp and were gone from the campground by 7:30. We drove to my folks time share condo for breakfast, and running water (showers, laundry and pool) but got lost on the way. I love all the plumbing conveniences. Kids played in the pool and hubby and I got to sit in the hot tub and try to relax out all the muscles from hiking and sleeping on the dirt. I would definitely do hotels or a fancy camper to road trip but then finances would make the journey much shorter. We much rather the length…. Probably because of burnout.

The morning that already was behind because we got lost driving to the condo was made much later by the dryer that didn’t work. Finally, at 11, we decided to hit the road with wet clothes.

Drove all day. Decided to take the more scenic route that closes during the winter and almost lost our breaks. Besides the whole almost flying off a cliff part, I love riding through the mountains (I don’t like driving) the view is incredible.

So, after delays all day it is after 9:30 and we are still at least another hour from our campsite. Just found the kids some pizza and they are falling asleep in the car. We still have 2 loads of wet cloths in the back and will have to find our campsite and set up in the dark. What I most worry about is that it is supposed to get down to 38 tonight. I freeze when it drops below 70. Somehow it would be great to get big, beautiful, mountains and cool hikes without it getting so cold at night.

I really like Wyoming. I worked up here about 9 years ago for a few months selling books. Beautiful place. The drive up here to Yellowstone is awesome. We are following a river and the sun is hitting all the rocks just perfect.