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Day 6-Yellowstone, Bats, and Snow

Yellowstone is amazing! Driving in last night and seeing the lake with the sunset and the steaming pools. It was, wow!
We must have come in too late last night because this morning Bryon found a bat in the car. J
We woke up to discover snow still around the campground. … I wasn’t planning on winter camping but the kids think it is great.

With 2 days at Yellowstone we decided to do the driving, touristy day first and then find a good hike for tomorrow.

We started out at Old Faithful and did the walking trail all through the upper basin geysers. There is a whole collection of them and several went off by or close to us. It is so cool to see. I love all the colors in the pools as well. We headed up to the mountain lookout to watch Old Faithful go off from above.
Lily did all her work to become a junior ranger and learned that Yellowstone was the first national park ever, in all the world, and it was all because the government, back in 1870, wanted to make sure to preserve Old Faithful for people to be able to come and see. The whole National Park system in our country, and then spreading around the world, all started because of that spot and because of the geysers. Protecting the animals and the forests and everything else they do now, all started later.
Later in the afternoon we found the Upper and Lower Falls by Canyon Village. There are water falls all over the park, but based on the ones we saw yesterday, these were, by far, the best. We hiked down the canyon on the west side of the falls to get right up next to where the water starts falling, then, after supper we hiked down the east side of the canyon to get a look at the falls straight on from a lookout below the falls. At last 600 feet straight down on both sides and the kids did awesome. It was well worth the walk on both sides.

Today we experienced water and its power through geysers, waterfalls and then a huge thunderstorm.