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Day 8-Canada

Today marks the end of our first week of vacation. It has been one great week!

The big event today was going to Canada. I am from Canada but Bryon and the kids have never been up here. Lily was so excited. We stopped at the visitors after the border and Lily kept saying things like “My first steps in Canada” , “My first Canadian bathroom”, and “This is what a Canadian sink looks like”. She is so dramatic and funny.

It was exciting for me to come back to Alberta. This is where I was born but I haven’t been back for over 20 year. It is strange rediscovering the place I have always called ‘home’.

Didn’t get any pictures today, we got up at 5:30am and drove hard all day to make it by about 8:15 at my dads house. I will do better about pictures tomorrow.

Found out that yesterday a man was killed by a grizzly about 20 miles from where we were hiking.  link

This is so sad. We were hiking with bear spray but there are signs everywhere warning of bear activity. On Saturday when we got done hiking the Sunday Gulch Trail there was over 10 search and rescue vehicles and ambulances parked around our car at the base of Harney Peak (that we had climbed earlier).

Outdoor stuff is dangerous, lots can happen. Still, I want myself and my family outdoors, exploring and getting exercise, learning to love and experience nature. Far more people die from sitting on their couch eating junk than ever die exploring the outdoors.

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  1. I heard about that attack on NPR. So sad, but glad you are safe. And you’re right, bad stuff can happen anywhere!
    Glad you made it to Canada. That’s so cute what Lily was saying, I can totally hear her!
    Seems like you guys have been gone for longer than a week. I’m curious about how you guys are eating? Finding grocery stores or still doing good on bread & hummus? 😉 How about laundry? All those little details that make a big trip like that seem a little scary to me!

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