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Day 9-Calgary Stampede

First day in Canada. So fun to be back. I love it up here. I might just always belong to two places. (maybe more as life goes on).

Got to see my grandma at lunch. I haven’t seen her since I was about 6. Really glad we could do that and that the kids could meet her.

Did the first night of the Calgary Stampede tonight. The kids had a blast. We got to see a dog show and a freestyle motocross show. Lily has talked about wanting to go to a dog show for years and Ian wants to grow up to be a motorcycle man so it was perfect for them. Then the kids rode the Ferris wheel with grandpa.

The Calgary Stampede has been something I have always wanted to see. It would be on my bucket list … if I had one. I am sitting here typing now to the fire works out the window that go off every night at during the stampede. My dad’s place is right across the street.

Fireworks are a great thing about Canada. A person has to have a license to get them so when there is fireworks it is a great show….. And the rest of the time it isn’t a loud mess for weeks.

The Royal couple arrived at 4:15 this afternoon. They lit the flame on the Calgary Tower just after 10 tonight (that is going to burn for 2 hours in honor of them being here). We got to see it lit on the walk home from the stampede grounds.

Great day, great city, great country!

Making up for not having pictures yesterday.   We walked the area in the morning.

Here is a pic of lunch and our visit with great-grandma.

Here are pics of the stampede….

First, the dog show

Then the motocross show

break for fresh, warm donuts

The Ferris wheel

the Indian Village

Tired out and ready for bed