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You Don’t Deserve It!

Coming down the coast I saw signs several times trying to sell their product with the slogan ‘you deserve it’. The more I saw it the more it aggravated me. The products they seemed to be pushing were all unhealthy foods, but the idea goes much farther.

Eat this donut-you deserve it

Buy these cloths-you deserve it

Take that vacation-you deserve it

Go out for the evening-you deserve it

Buy the car, boat, house…. You deserve it, you deserve to be happy

The idea is everywhere in our society, but I think it is poison. Where in life do we feel we earn deserving something? Getting up? Breathing? Not going crazy with all life throws at me? Why would that earn me something?

If I look at it from a religious standpoint all I deserve is death. If I look at evolution all I did was sit here and form… that doesn’t deserve anything. If I look at it health wise, I deserves sickness. I am not always good to my body. If I look at our earth, I deserve to not have a planet at all to live on. It has been totally abused. If I look at relationships, I deserve to be hated, because I are not always kind or fair. So, if I want to look at what I really deserve it is sickness, death, and pain. That is what I deserve.

Not to be a downer, but I think this is crucial to our reality and our happiness. If I feel I deserve something it creates a debt in my being. When I get the ‘thing’ I deserve, I am then brought back into ‘the black’ or even. This ‘thing’ then, that I deserved, gave me no happiness. If, however, I do not get that ‘thing’ that I feel I deserve, I feel cheated and I feel that life isn’t fair. I become angry and upset until I can figure out how to get my ‘debt’ paid back and get ‘my being’ back to even. This is where so much crime and pain in our world comes from. People justifying terrible things because they ‘deserve’ to have some’thing‘. Living like this is miserable most of the time, or at best ok.

A health reality is much different. We get so much that we don’t deserve. If we deserve pain, death or even nothing, everything else is really a gift. Every day of life, every moment of health, every friendship and relationship, every opportunity to spend for a need or a want, and every opportunity to learn or share. Life is full of gifts.

There is lots of people that argue that we do deserve some things if we have worked hard, or saved for them. I can understand that to a point, but what did those same people do to deserve to be born, to be born in a first world country or into another form of opportunity? What did they do to deserve health and an IQ? We are responsible for what we do with our gifts, but the ability to be responsible is a gift.

So eat the donut, take the vacation, or by the boat, but don’t do it because you deserve it. It is a gift to celebrate, be grateful for and share with those who don’t have the same gifts. Life is a gift!

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