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Confessions of a Homeschooling Mom

The time has come.  Mid August means school time.  This August will mark the beginning of my third year home schooling and my first year homeschooling 2 kids.  I have to confess that, seeing and talking to all you ‘normal’ moms, there are times I would love to be sending my kids off to school.  I would love to not worry about it, and be able to focus my time and energy on something else.  I often wish I was a better ‘stay-at-home mom’, loving every minute I have with my kids, but… its not always that way. 

So, why am I still home schooling? Primarily, I believe, it comes down to the fact that I love the flexibility in our schedule and in their learning.   I am a perfectionist and a control freak.  I don’t believe my kids are particularly gifted, but I believe they can and should learn more when they are home with lots of one on one and less distraction.   It is part of my ‘intentional living’ that, even though it isn’t the normal or easy way, I want it for my children. 

I don’t mean to make it sound like some huge burden or that every mother should do it.  I am just sharing the guts of where we are and why we do it.  Kids are amazing creatures.  I feel honored to have them, and unequiped or trained to properly raise them.  Even so, I want to do the best I can so here we are. 

I share my thoughts and feelings because I have talked with so many mothers who have said things like “I just don’t have the patience…”, “I am just not that organized”, or “I just don’t think I could do it”.  What I want to say to them is that it is so worth it.  It may not be fun, organized, peaceful… or perfect, but life is all about learning and growing.  I don’t always like my kids, but I want to have all the time to get to know them and grow in our relationships.  I am not the most patient, but I am learning.  I am not the most organized, but we still get through way more book work in a year than than they need to. 

They are both super cute!  We made up our schedule today.  Lily, now 2 years into this, is less excited… or tries to let on that she isn’t.  Ian is just beaming, he is so excited that he gets to actually be in ‘school’ this year.  He loves his new math book and keeps reminding me that he wants to learn to count money this year.  School is moldable for them and molded around their individual needs.  They have a say in the order and schedule as well as activities and projects.  They love to learn (not everything, … more generally speaking). 

So, starting next Tuesday, we will be off on our home school adventure again.  I am looking forward to posting more on it this year.

As I have stated before, the hardest part of homeschooling is dealing with your own children.  There are books and resources by the thousands on what to teach and how to teach it so don’t let that everstop you.  If you are thinking about  home  school and have any questions feel free to contact me and I will do what I can.  I have been overwellmed by the shear volume of what is out there as far as learning material.


  1. Hey, enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing more homeschooling posts. I plan to do homeschool with my daughter, we have some time though. She is only 8 months old, but still like the inspiration.

    • Lorilee Lorilee

      Thanks! Really, homeschooling can start much younger and many people do it without realizing that they are homeschooling. When you get a chance you should read ‘A Well Trained Mind’ by Susan Wise Bauer. It talkes about younger kids (not 8 months old, but toddlers) and how they learn and goes all they way up. It was recommended to me and I use lots of this approach.

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