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Day 34-Arches National Park, Rockies, Driving home Part 2

After another hot shower and breakfast we headed off again. I felt much better getting up, but soon had a fever of 100 again.

Arches was awesome. We explored it for a few hours in the morning. It isn’t a big park, but all of it is beautiful. With more time and less sick there was a great trail through Devils Garden that looked like fun.

The park lies on top of an underground salt bed that is responsible for all the arches, spires, balanced rocks, sandstone fins, and eroded monoliths that are all a bright red. It boasts the worlds biggest concentration of natural arches… over 2000 cataloged.

It all is so cool looking. It looks like clay art… on a God scale. All the different shapes, some seemingly defying gravity, are incredible to see.

The kids and I played on the Turret Arch for a while Bryon took pictures. It was perfect ‘rock climbing’ for them, steep but not too steep. They played Diego rescuing baby animals.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. Almost ran out of gas in ‘the middle of no where’ Colorado, drove through the Rockies again, saw a full double rainbow, and listened to 2 tired kids fight about everything….

Staying with friends tonight. It has been really fun to reconnect with several people on our trip that we haven’t seen for a long time. Fabulous food, company and bed. God willing, we will be back in our own bed tomorrow night.

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