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De-Simplifying a bit

When we moved we got rid of tones of stuff including a bunch of furniture that we didn’t like enough to keep. 

This weekend we found some furniture to fill the void.  Purchased bairly used for a fraction of the cost from some people who are moving out of our appartment complex. 

We are really loving appartment living (except for the fact that my husbands van was broken into and tools stolen last Wed night… grr) and I want to work on decorating it up more for our family this fall. 

Here is the table and chairs set we got.  When we moved I said I would only get stuff that I loved to put in our appartment and wait until we found and could afford it.  This is not my favorite, so I probably didn’t keep that promise but it is much nicer than the cheap set we had before and shouldn’t scratch up. 

This doesn’t look like much in the picture but it is an IKEA futon.  I have never owned anything from IKEA so I was kind of excited about that.  I wasn’t excited about the futon look but it helps leave more space in the living room than all the oversized pieces.  This came with a black cover and a cream cover.  I much prefer the cream cover, maybe after the kids are a little older we can switch it out.   I also like the futon because I still want to ability to have overnight guests.  The kids bed goes into a king for guests now but I like this dual purpose piece as another backup.  The glass end tables (there is two, but only one in the picture) are good for not taking as much visual space.   

Total cost for table and chairs, IKEA futon with 2 cover and cushion sets and 2 end tables for $285.  … all still looking brand new.   Now we have more than a folding table and chairs.  

… not very exciting, but I wanted to admit we were de-simplifying a bit.  (instead of only posting of getting rid of stuff)

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  1. We Japanese are not walking nside house with shose, so that when we sleep in Futon , Futon is put on the ground directly no problem and roll it up to OSHIIRE when we do not need it.

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