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First Day Of ‘Home’School

(here are the kids right before we started school)

We woke up this morning to the first day of our homeschool.  Interestingly enough, the kids always get up way to early and wake me up… then on their first day of school they sleep in and it is I who has to wake them up. 

So this is what we did for the day:

7:15-Educational Movie:They are watching a college level class about how the earth works.  Lecture lasts 30 min and gives me a few minutes to have worship, clean up breakfast and get books out.


8:00-Memorization: Today we reviewed the states and capitals and the US presidents that she learned last year.  She remembered more than I thought she would.  I made a memory jar this afternoon and she will draw different things to go over from her last 2 years of memorizing. 

8:30-Math:The kids went nuts on this today.  They each did 4 assignments instead of 1.  Ian is so excited about his very own math book and Lily caught onto decimals and flew.  They rock.  I also pay them 20 cents for every extra assignment they do…. it is kinda like paying them for a job… work=money.


(here is Lily doing her writing assignment)

9:30-Spelling:This is where the excitment got the best of Ian.  He broke down and cried for about 15 minutes then he was all better again and got his work done.  Such a goofball. 

(all better after a bit of over excitment melt down.  Ian is reviewing his letters before he starts spelling)

10:00-Break:Lily wasn’t done her Spelling so she worked on it.  We also had snack to feed the brain. I need a few minutes to get caught up on any phone calls, business and house stuff.

10:15-Piano practice for Lily.  I want to do this short everyday because she gets very upset and worked up when she can’t do everything perfect the first time.  Today went really well. 

10:30-Konos:This is a curriculum that studies character attributes and different science, history, art, music etc themes and people that go along with them.  Today we studied about David Livingston (the explorer and misionary) and Dr. Kenneth Copper (the father of aerobics).   We read stories, watched a few short movies, exercised to a wiggles CD and then made an Africa picture out of National Geographic pictures and a drawing of what we learned about Kenneth Cooper.  An artish project at the end of this time gives me time to start thinking about lunch.

(here are the African/David Livingstone pictures on the first side of the sheet)

(The picture of Dr. Kenneth Cooper and what they learned about him)

11:30 (or 40 today)-Break for lunch

1:00-Reading:Lily reads non-fictional books and I work with Ian on his reading assignments.  I started him last spring but it was going slow and frusterated him, today he had a bunch of fun and went quickly through it.  We played with magnet letters and made some of the words he was learning.

(here is Lily reading on my bed so we can use the kids bedroom for Ian’s reading)

1:30-Mom reading:Started reading Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis

2:00-3:00-Quiet resting or quiet reading time.  a.k.a. Mommy sanity time

3:00-Finished up homework and went swimming (swimming 2 day, art 2 days and library 1 day is the goal)

4:00-Clean up house

So, there you have it.  Our first day.  I hope everyday the kids will be just as excited and I will be able to come up with ways to keep them focused….. It has been hard in the past years and this is a big reason why we moved and have tried to simplify work stuff. 

‘Prep Time’ for this is almost nothing.  I have worked out the schedule after lots of attemps the last few years and it will probably grow and change during this year.  I like the books I have followed with Lily so almost everything I am doing with Ian is stuff I have already gone through.  I need to get books ahead of time from the Library on the Konos subjects and make sure we have a clean table and pencils, but that is about it.

So excited the day went well and the kids had fun.  It was fun to see their excitment, their learning and all that they have remembered since last spring.  All that being said, I am exhausted.  I am not sure how teachers do it with 20+ kids all day.  The kids both ended up with fevers tonight too, so I hope we arn’t going to start the school year sick…