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Home Schooling Sick

For obvious and vain reasons… there is no picture with this post 🙂

For my simple home schooling posts I thought it was only fair to include the less than glamorous days.  Sometimes we have to home school sick.  Unfortunatly for me, in our house, the person most likely to need a sick day is mom.  Not sure how this works, and I try to fight against it… but for all my years of parenting, I am the sickest. 

So for the last few days I have been home schooling sick.  Suprisingly, and thankfully this is where the simplicity of homeschooling helps out so much.  We have the day broken up in to sections of:

  1. Most Important-math, spelling, writing
  2. Less important-music, unit studies
  3. Lunch
  4. Important-reading
  5. Extra-art, pe

The last two days we have managed through the most important subjects and then I have given them books to read or movies to watch for the rest of the morning.  Yesterday they watched Popey… that is educational right… old tv and health 🙂  Then I have been able to do reading with them and then gone back to bed. 

This is something that is different with home school.  We do have parent sick days or other things that sometimes inturupt school.  On the other side we still do school when the kids are sick (unless they are really sick they still need something to entertain them).  Snow days and teacher training days etc are all full school days for us.  

School doesn’t always work as planned, but prioritizing it simplifies it down so that when something does try to mess up the schedule we can work from the most important on down. 

Things are looking up today.  Lily has a mild fever, but nothing that keeps her from working.  We had down time the end of the morning studying about the 7 Great Wonders of the World.  They watched a History Channel program on it (via Youtube) and they built one of the temples out of K’nex.  

I hope the best for all home school adventures, but wanted to share some times when stuff doesn’t work as planned.  Don’t beat yourself up about it, I try not to, the kids still have a great chance to learn… and just count it as a


  1. Greg Busby Greg Busby

    I’ve read that one of the differences between people and machines is ‘graceful degradation’. We don’t break down so much as we just slow down and get cranky 😉 Good lessons here, about how to handle small adversities, at least!

    • Lorilee Lorilee

      yeah, I am slow and cranky more than I would like to be. Thanks for the comment!

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