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Left Neglected-Lisa Genova

I wanted to put up a little ‘half-post’ on this book.  Lisa Genova is brilliant with both story telling and ‘brain stuff’.  Her stories are fascinating to read in both respects. 

Left Neglected was like Still Alice in many ways, what I loved in the first one is just as clear in the second.  (Still Alice Post).  The difference was the age and condition of the ladies in the stories.   Left Neglected is about a working mother with small children that gets a brain injury that leaves her unable to care for herself or her children for several months.  The difference is that this condition, opposite to Alzheimer’s, gets slowly better and she can learn to live with it.

I think both books are great and are hard to put down.  I related more to Left Neglected because of the age and place in life I am in now. 

It’s not about work and following ‘normal’ success, it is about relationships, family and truly living an intentional life.