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The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

What if you could give yourself the best gift ever?  What if money and time was no object?  What if it could be so great that you would never need to ask for anything else?

I have been thinking on this post for a while.  It seems so simple, but at the same time, seems so hard to grasp.  Can you give yourself the gift of ‘contentment’? 

This seems to be the one thing that divides people between happy and unhappy and it is a choice.  It isn’t about how much money a person has, or what job they have, or what knowledge they have.  People who have all these things can still be yearning and miserable looking for more. 

To be content is to rebel against culture, society and mass amounts of advertising.  It is not something that comes naturally (at least not to too many people).   What is not common or even, not easy, can still be amazingly rewarding.

Life is life, it isn’t perfect.  Money, education, health, fame, and influence are not equally distributed.   Learn it and move on. 

How to be content and not want more?  Here are a few questions that might help:

1. Do you really know what this thing is? or do you just know what is being advertised.  Does it really perform like it says it does or does it break and need constant maintenance? … just a heads up… advertising isn’t truth…

2.  Does anything else I already own also do this? (there is no need for 5 vehicles or sets of measuring cups… there is a chinease saying ‘why want 4 horses if you only have one butt’)

3. Seriously… will this get stored with all the rest of my junk most of the time.. think on this hard

4. Is this the one thing that I really want in this area?  (you hardly need a large country house and a fancy city condo… in several states… really put some thought into where you really want to live and why.. it might just be in your grasp after all)

5. Will I still want this 5 years, 1 year, 1 month from now? 

6.  Is it really possible for me to have this?  (if it would take a miracle you can pray for it.. and then move on)

If this ‘thing’ doesn’t measure up completely to all these areas then give it up, it isn’t worth fretting over.  If it is, and it is is possible than figure out how to work toward it.  

Living a life of “oh, I wish I could….”, “I have always wanted…”, “It’s not fair that I….” sucks for you and sucks for those who have to listen to you.

Move on, get a life, be thankful, and become happy:)  Own your life! Give yourself the gift of contentment!

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  1. This is great. Thank you for adding it to my Joyapolooza post! Your blog is great. If you are interested I would welcome a guest post on one of my topics!

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