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We Got Our Prius

Prius was delivered last week.  Here are some pictures 🙂  … now we just need to figure out how to pay it off… we still claim to be Ramsey fans…

I haven’t driven it yet… hubby has driven it so far, but riding it is a smooth car.  It has all the ‘get up and go’ that one could want.  It just switches between the battery and the gas depending on what is needed.  Supposed to get 48hwy and 52city mpg it has gotten us 47.1 average so far in our first 250 miles.  It has plenty of foot room and space and is easy and confortable to drive.  So far, we both love it and would recommend it.  … now we just have to figure out how to keep it cleanish inside with the construction and the kids.. we have only had really old cars where it didn’t matter much.

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