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My Son Rocks!

Since we did the movie of Lily a few weeks ago I promised Ian he could do a movie as well.  To round it off I wanted to do a post of our simple homeschooling plan for Ian.  Ian is 4 but loves learning.  I would say we are doing a kindergarten/grade 1 combo for him as he is able.  I didn’t think he would stick to it as well as he has for the last month but he is really getting in the grove.  

Where did the title come from?  Somehow I must say ‘Rock’ with him because he picked up on it.  Whenever he answers or does something with his work he says “Did I rock it?”.  With this age they learn and grow so quickly.  He is always surprising me with the concepts he is able to grasp.  So yes Ian, “You Rock!”

Here is a photo journey of his ‘grove’. 

Ian’s first major subject is at 8:30 with Math.  (Lily starts at 7:15 but Ian can choose to be involved or not with the first subjects).  He started Primary Mathematics 1A this year and is enjoying it.  I love Primary Mathematics because it moves so quick through things.  When the kids need more time on a concept we just make our own sheets.  He has learned numbers up to 20 and is adding and subtracting them.   We are doing some extra sheets to review this concept before going on farther in the book. 

While Lily does writing, Ian works on a writing or reading project.  He finished a phonics book a few weeks ago and has spent this time lately on www.  It is a great website that teaches reading and he is super good about getting around the internet.  (we also do to practice spelling words occasionally)

The big man with his spelling test.

I tried to mess with this pic a bit. … not sure if I made it better or worse.   He is just such a cuttie!  This is spelling class.  This is a picture of his 3rd spelling test.  We make a big deal of spelling tests because they are the only tests I give the kids.   Most of learning is learning and I don’t want to add pressure with tests quite yet.  Spelling is one thing I can’t see without tests.  Spelling was my worst class so I try to make it as fun and encouraging as possible.  Ian got perfect on his first too tests but had trouble on this test with ‘jar’.   

From 10:30 to 11:30 we do our KONOS unit study curriculum.  Our unit this fall is on honor and respect and over the next few weeks we are studying cultures.  Today was Japan day.  While Lily wrote a Haiku and learned origami Ian painted the Japanese flag and practiced finding it on the map. 

After lunch and some play time we do reading at 1:00.  I am using ‘The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading’ by Jessie Wise and Sara Buffington.   I love the book.  It is simple and interactive.  It starts on lesson 1 learning the sound of ‘A’ and it finishes on lesson 231 reading worlds like ‘extraterrestirial’, ‘telecommunication’ and ‘unsatisfactory’.

Lily learned reading on her own, and I didn’t know how to help her back then.  It has been so fun to work with Ian and watch him learn and get better day by day.  He is super excited about reading!   Here is his movie of reading.  There is two short stories.  The first about a tank that got stuck and the second about a doll on a bed.

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