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The Gettysburg Address… interpreted a bit different

Lily has practiced all week to make a video and has been super excited. As I have said before, memorization is a very big part of our simple home schooling plan.   Why the Gettysburg Address?  Just a great speech that is a good length.  I am going to try to find other speeches and poems that have made a big impact for her to learn this year as well.

Here is Lily doing the Gettysburg Address!  … this is where home school is fun.  I can’t imagine missing out on this.

The first link is her best and clearest take reciting and petting her ‘dog’ Ian.

This second link doesn’t get the first few words of the speech but Ian dresses up and wanders around.  It gets both of their personalities better.  My kids are so cute!

The original idea was that Lily would make a Lincoln hat and dress in a suit jacket and try to say it with feeling like Lincoln did.  That didn’t roll this morning…. she wanted to dress up pretty, like Lincoln’s wife and then insisted that Lincoln’s wife would have had to have a dog. 

She knows that the speech was given by the ‘MR.’ Lincoln and that there was no dog (that is recorded) up with him on stage but she wanted to do it this way.

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