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Apartment Update

Hey, wanted to do an update on how our apartment simplified living is going.  If this is the first time you are stopping by the website allow me to fill you in.  This spring we sold most everything, rented out our house, and moved into a 2 bedroom apartment because we wanted to live simple (or simpler).  The process of getting rid of stuff has continued all summer as well so now we have no trouble at all fitting into our small space. 

What I have learned in the last few months living in an apartment:

  1. There is no hidden rooms (to stash stuff or put of cleaning)…. when guests come over they can see into almost every room stepping a few feet from the entry way in each direction. 
  2. Every room has to be kid friendly… including my bedroom… the kids (and their friends) get into everything that isn’t on the top shelf of my closet.  Our previous house had several rooms the kids wouldn’t go into.
  3. My children are loud 🙂
  4. I haven’t missed having a yard or garden to take care of once this summer.
  5. It takes about a half an hour to clean, but I still procrastinate the job.
  6. I have to stop buying food in bulk.
  7. As crazy as the idea was, and as crazy as I felt selling and moving, I am so glad we had the guts to do it.

Stealing my husband’s picture, we are on our simplicity path.  This is a road we drove in Kings Canyon, CA this summer.  Not a lot of people travel this road and it is impossible with a large vehicle (a.k.a a lot of stuff).  Seems crazy and dangerous, but it is beautiful.  It curves around into the unknown, but we are traveling as a family and excited about the adventure ahead.  It was at the end of this road that we found a waterfall to play in and it was one of the highlights of our whole trip. 

It also represents the fact that we still have a long way to go.  The easy part was the tangible, the material.  The hard part is simplifying my life and head and really learning to trust and follow God instead of society, others, or my own ideas. 

I wanted to also share a tip I have figured out with ‘simple’ storage.  My husband made me this bed frame a couple of years ago because I wanted to have the sides painted to match the colors of the room.  I never used the space.  Now however, these few 1 x 8’s store over 3 large tubs full of our seasonal cloths (and the cloths I have bought ahead for the kids).   As you can see, I am not really neat…. I should have folded all the cloths, but I didn’t.  They are sorted by person, one row for each ofthe 4 of us and one extra row for snow gear. 


  1. What a great idea that bed frame is! You have inspired us to look into renting out our own house and hopefully paying off a lot of debt. We also own some land that we would really like to build a small energy efficient house on…but until we either sell this house or pay off the ol’ student loans, it won’t be happening. Keep up the great work!

    • Oh go for it. It is nice to still own the home and it is still nice that the mortgage is being paid, but it is super nice not to be paying for it 🙂 We have dreamed of building a little energy efficient home for a few years too, but we don’t know where yet. A small, well designed space would be so fun.

  2. Lisa Lisa

    I love the bed!! what a great storage idea. I’m trying to get my husband to build a platform bed (its still in the thinking stage) but I will be added this to his plans.

    • great! Glad this can help. It sure hids lots of stuff.

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