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Featured Blog #1-Life As Mom

(my hubby took this last year, I don’t like black and white for scenery that much, but this one is cool as it leads through the picture)

Since I am a little blog I wanted to feature some of the other blogs I have found that I really like.  (these aren’t people who have asked me to feature them or paid in any way…. I am a little blog)

The first one I wanted to feature is

This lady is awesome and has lots of great stuff on her blog … can’t tell it all to you.  Check it out!

 I really liked this article of hers “The Grass Is Always Greener Where you Water it”.   Two great concepts that I loved:

1.  Be content with what you’ve got. 

2.  If it isn’t as ‘green’ as you want it… maybe water it a bit where you want it to grow.  This isn’t always possible or always going to work, but it can also make a world of difference. 

“Most opportunities in life are not achievable in life without initiative”–my brilliant hubby Bryon said yesterday and I thought it fit in great.

Also ‘The Tasmanian Minimalist did an interview with me today which was super cool!  Click on the link to take a look at it.

I would love to hear of other great blogs.  Feel free to share your own if you would like too, BUT if you share your own also share your favorite that is not your own 🙂  With the blog give a snippet (sentence or two) of who would benefit from reading it.