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Lily’s ‘I Have A Dream’ YouTube Performance

‘And if America is to be a great nation, than this must become true.’ — Martin Luther King Jr. 

Ok, so this isn’t acting class… she is really shy and getting her to say it into the camera is the closest thing I can do to get her to recite it.  She has a hard time getting into it, but then gets going.  She can say the whole thing just fine to me, but getting dressed up and having the camera distracted her.  When she gets going the best I wasn’t even in the room.  I had to leave to try and keep Ian quiet.

Memorization is an awesome tool in home school, especially at the young ages.  My 7 year old daughter has memorized tones of stuff in biology, math, geography and The Bible.  The past few weeks she has memorized the last 3/7ths of the ‘I Have A Dream’ speech (almost half).  The end is where he really builds so we memorized that first. 

This year I wanted her to spend some time memorizing great speeches.  This not only helps with memorization and brain exercises, it also helps with complex sentences and increased vocabulary. 

The first one she did was the Gettysburg Address.  Then after a break of memorizing a few Bible passages she started working on this speech.  It was hard to get her excited about it at first, but this speech is energizing and addicting.  This guy had passion and an incredible speaking/speech writing ability.  I have listened to her say it hundreds of times and I could listen to it hundreds more.  A great way to start the school day!

She doesn’t want to tackle the rest of the speech now so we are working on another smaller poem.  I would like to find some other great speeches for her to learn… maybe the sermon on the mount.


  1. Allison Allison

    When I was a teacher I did memorization stuff but then I added another element for understanding. I would have them rewrite the speech in today’s terms or translate it into something they could rap to. It was always so much fun

    • great idea! I have trouble trying to figure out how much she can understand and process at the age of 7. We have watched the speach several times and talk about how it fits in history. This is one thing we call grandma and grandpa about and ask if they remember it. vs, the Gettysburg address that happened much eariler. The rewriting is a good idea.

  2. Kari Kari

    Way to go Lily!

  3. Hi I read your post at miss minimalist and visit here,
    I have three boys and want to make them memorise our holy book .
    Could you advice me about how to memorise long sentences or big volume of sentences,,,,,

    • What we do is this:
      1st day-read the passage 5 times out loud (ideally the child will read it)
      2nd day-the learn the first section anywhere from a line to a few chapters. They say it 5 times perfectly (or with only 1 help)
      3rd day-They learn the second section and say it 5 times perfectly, or with minimal help. Then they say the first and second section 2 times perfectly, or close
      4rth day -They learn the 3rd section, say it 5 times perfectly. Then the whole 1-3 sections 2 times perfectly.
      continue until they have gone through the whole section. This could take a week or a month depending on how much they can memorize in a day and how long it is. Repetition and consistancy is the key. It can be done anytime during the day or broken up into several times. Depending on the kid they might do better sitting, standing, stepping for each word… whatever helps them focus.

      I will write up a blog post on this in a few weeks. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Judy Judy

    Great job on both of your parts!!!

    • Thanks! I will pass on to Lily, she loves comments on her stuff.

  5. I’m impressed by your writing. Are you a professniaol or just very knowledgeable?

  6. Pat Pat

    Wow! Great job Lilly & Mama!! That’s amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

    • thanks!

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