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Said ‘No’ and Got Our Time Back

Not new to us, but a crazy concept to most people is that we don’t watch TV.  In fact, we don’t even have one hooked up now.  We have a little TV and DVD player for school movies and some kids movies, but the actual TV wasn’t on since my husband watched a basketball game this spring. 

What is crazy to me is that the average American spends 4 hours and 49 minutes a day watching TV and the average household spends 8 hours and 21 minutes (source). 

I read a book last year called The Other 8 Hours


  1. I’ve been w/o TV for several years. Am now considering doing away with my home WiFi and internet connection (which sucks more time than TV ever did) to use the large number of free WiFi in town. Would need to write blogs offline, format photos, and then post when able. Could get a lot more done at home with the dogs….and keep the house cleaner :).

    • that would be brave 🙂

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