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Simple Compassion – Pack Up And Ship Out

Operation Christmas Child video

I would love to personally pack up and ship out, but I can’t right now.  I wanted to write about how we are, AND how you can, pack up and ship out a Christmas gift(s) to a child(ren) around the world.  It is super easy.  Here are the steps you need and some pics of my kids packing.  How to pack a shoe box

First go shopping for fun toys,  (and other things mentioned on their site).  I loved this pic of Ian!

Here is the good pic of him with his cars 🙂

Here is princess Lily shopping for a little girl.   We found a bunch of stuff at Target in the dollar section.

Next, get packing.  Here the kids are going through stickers.  Stickers are fun for kids everywhere and we send lots of them ever year.

Candy is super important…. but it is also important to double bag it and make sure it isn’t something that will melt if it gets to hot.  We usually stick with these smarties that are everywhere in big Halloween bags now.  … I got candy canes mailed to me when I was overseas several years ago and they melted all over the whole package…

Get packing.  Grandma made us a king’s cape for Christmas last year and Ian now calls it a ‘super-hero’ cape and has worn it for several days in a row… I think he may be sleeping in it as well.  He is so funny.  He is also sporting his Canada shirt proudly for mommy that we got on our vacation last summer.

This is Ian’s favorite toy from the collection.

Lily packing her princess box.

Ok, this is important.  After the boxes are packed they ask that you put in a check for $7 per box.  If you are like me and don’t want to just send a check with all my bank info on it AND if you want to be e-mailed to find out where your box was sent you need to follow this link, donate on their website and print out these labels.

After your box is all packed it can be mailed or sent to a drop off location for collection the week of Nov 14-21.

There you have it!  Get some Christmas shopping done early and make a childs year.  With each box they are also told about Jesus and get Bible studies.  It is such an amazing ministry and a great thing to get the kids involved in.

Just found this post on Passionate Homemaking where she got contacted years later by a kid who got her shoe box.  So cool!

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