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Simple Tip – Thankful Thinking

I wanted to write a few posts on thinking and outlook.  I have probably touched on it before, but it is so huge.  So much of life is formed in how we choose in our head to see it. 

So minimalism or simple living is having less stuff right?  Society tries very hard to make us feel like we don’t have enough stuff and tries to makes us want to buy more and more.   This isn’t evil, it makes tones of economic sense, I just don’t want to follow it.

The way to combat the feeling of needing more and more stuff is to really focus on being thankful for what I have.   What I have is a gift.  I didn’t deserve it but I want to manage and make the most of it.

I wanted to focus a bit on what I am thankful for.  Your list is probably a bit different, but I bet we have lots of the same things.  (sorry, kinda on a list kick from last Wed still)

I am thankful for:

    1. Life, all 31 years
    2. Health, not always the best, but sure could be far worse
    3. An amazing husband who is teaching me how to love and that I am valued
    4. Energetic, healthy, and smart kids
    5. Enough money in the bank to not worry about buying groceries
    6. Almost being out of debt (we have been working hard at paying off the Prius)
    7. The ability to read and the incredible amount of books available
    8. The chance and finances to stay home with my kids and home school them
    9. Modern medicine and the preventative health information to use it as little as possible
    10. Great friends
    11. Caffeine free coffee (I can’t handle the caffeine, wigs me out, but I love the taste)
    12. Dark chocolate
    13. Olives… ok, I should probably just put great food or this list could really get long
    14. Sunny days, and hot summer days, and a south facing apartment
    15. Mostly consistent work since we became self-employed over 4 years ago
    16. A God who loves and has saved me
    17. Our minimalism journey which makes it much easier to clean, find things and/or move
    18. Awesome garage sales and Craigslist to both sell what we don’t need anymore and get things we do
    19. Blogging, the fun people I have gotten to know through it, and the challenging process of learning how to do it
    20. Sleep…. my favorite hobby
    21. Facebook and the fact that I have caught up with almost everyone I ever knew in the last few years… and the ability to take my time back and not spend near as much time on it as I have been.
    22. Brown paper packages and whiskers on kittens
    23. British Comedy
    24. Early bedtimes and quiet evenings
    25. … need to finish off a list with a nice round number like 25.

What does your list look like?  I dare you to make on–just making one makes the day feel better.



  1. great list! the pictures turned out great

    • Thanks 🙂

  2. Bill Bill

    Nicely done. Looks very professional.

    • Thanks for the comment Bill!

  3. mom mom

    Very interesting list & as always, great pictures.
    You are loved. Have a BLESSED day.

    • glad you enjoyed it. I have a bunch of pics coming next Friday.

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