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Simplify – Drop The Act

I love this flower.  I got really lucky and this hairstyle worked for me this weekend

Picked up 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life this weekend from the library.  I opened it up and found a note that said “#8 Be Yourself – really spoke to me.”

Here is the chapter 8 message.  It spoke to me too.

Be Yourself

Here are some quotes that I really liked:

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment–Ralph Waldo Emerson

For many years of my life, I tried to be like other people.  I tried to pray like them, act like them, and even look like them.  After many years of misery and struggle, I finally realized God would never help me be anyone but me–Joyce Meyer

Learn how you can relax with others and just be yourself.  If they reject you, they reject what God created, not what you have created–Joyce Meyer

Here is my boy.  He sure doesn’t have trouble being himself.  … his face looks a little weird in this pic because it is covered with sand. He just finished literally ‘sticking his head in the sand.’

We are all different.  When we talk about friend or family members we smile and laugh at the little things that make them uniquely them that we love so much.  We love the individualism and uniqueness in others.  Why is it hard to love the uniqueness in ourselves and try to hide it. 

My daughter is like me.  Pretty shy and afraid of much attention, but if you catch her at the right moment she is a picture of joy and life.

Just reading these quotes and thinking on them while writing this post is refreshing.  There is not time in the week, day or hour for living up to everyone’s (including our own) expectations.   Simplify, just be you! 

So, take a deep breath, let your shoulders fall down and back, spread a smile across your face and have fun simply being ‘you’ this week.

My husband talked me into this photo (and edited it to make it look cool)… and now I love it.  This was while we were playing in a waterfall a 2 mile hike down the mountain from our campsite at Kings Canyon, California this past summer. 


  1. LOVE the picture of you. It exudes all kinds of peace & happiness. Girl, you need dreads.

    • Yeah, I love it too. And, it was at a waterfall, makes it even cooler 🙂

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