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10 Things I Can Remember

So it is kind of hard to have pictures with a post about stuff I have gotten rid of 🙂  Here is a barn pic my hubby took that I liked.

I have been told, and now believe, that after becoming a minimalist or simplifying stuff and space that you really can’t remember all the stuff you got rid of.  So I wanted to do a post and see if I could remember 10 things that I got rid of.

(if you are new to the site we sold most of our stuff this spring and moved from a 2000 sq ft packed house to a sparsely furnished apartment.  The idea was with the 80/20 rule that says you use 20% of your stuff 80% of the time.)

  1. Pool – not sure why I remember this one.  It is always the first thing I think of.  Probably because I was upset I spent the money and then sold it a year later…. and when we decided to sell it I was really scared we wouldn’t find a buyer.
  2. Books – I don’t remember very many titles but I used to have a full bookshelf in my bedroom and several boxes in the basement.  Now I have only a few reference type books, and get rid of books after I read them.  … I haven’t missed any of them yet and we are much closer to a bigger library that I have been loving.  Oh and the kids books!  Can’t forget them.  We had 4 bookshelves of them and now we are down to only a small pile.  The kids haven’t complained yet because they always have a huge pile of library books every week.
  3. Extra measuring cups and mixing bowls.  Now I have to wash stuff if I want to make more than a few things at once.
  4. Exercise equipment in the basement.  Maybe it was nice to have there so that I felt more fit….. I have much less exercise guilt now.  Don’t have it, can’t do it 🙂   … I still have a few things and videos that collect dust in our apartment, haven’t given up on the fitness thing entirely yet.                   Here is a random pic of the kids in the pool I caught this week
  5. Huge solid wood dresser that went in 5 minutes on craigslist and was full…. of random junk.  (kids videos, tones of gift bags, several table cloths that never seemed to get ironed and used).
  6. Half way…. this is getting harder.  Upstairs… in the bathroom our cupboard was full of extra drug store stuff like shampoo, soap, lotions, etc.  I got them when they were on great sales, but I was buying faster than I was using.  I sold quite a collection of unused bottles at our garage sale.
  7. Kids toys, the kids sold a bunch of their toys and used the money to buy a kindle.  Huge little people collection, store with plastic food, train set.  I really was excited about the train set, but Ian was determined to get rid of it.  Toys have been missed less than the extra books.  Now they can ‘trash’ their room and it still just takes 5 minutes to pick up.
  8. Extra towels.  Not sure how, but I had managed to get a pretty good collection, it was embarrasing really….  We have 6 now.  4 to use and 2 extra.  … as long as I don’t forget them in the washer, we haven’t had any problems.
  9. Tones of food.  I was a non-perishable, bulk, sale, food shopper.  At one time we had like 20 boxes of cereal and 20 bags of corn chips.  I got them for $1 a piece!  It was too good to pass up.
  10. Tones of craft supplies.  I had quite a garage sale/gifted collection of craft stuff for the kids.  I kept 2 boxes of the best stuff and we have made a point of using them since we moved.  It starts as collecting for a ‘rainy’ day in home school and ends up being a huge mess of …. junk.

There you have it.  Made it to 10 🙂  It is true that it is hard to remember all the stuff that has been ‘simplified’ out.

On another unrelated note

With the help of Grandma getting us started, we made little sock hampsters this past weekend.  The kids had a blast.  I am not really that crafty and my sewing maching and I have some terrible moments, but this book was really fun.  Socks Appeal: 16 Fun & Funky Friends Sewn from Socksis full of a bunch of (much more exciting) sock animal creations.  (I went for the easiest…)

This is simplicity toys to the tee.  Recycled single socks and some stuffing with a bunch of love turns into hours of fun and memories.


  1. Mary Mary

    Love the Socks! I can imagine the fun Lily & Ian had with those!

    • yep. They are a favorite!

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