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Featured Blog — Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking

Wow, this looks amazing.  Photo credit with recipe.

Wanted to feature a vegan cooking website for you.  I love vegan cooking and believe in it, but don’t have that much time to really focus on it.  Andrea has a great website and database of great stuff.

Here is a bit from her about page:

I spend more time in the kitchen now, and as I cook, I’ll add to this blog with
the hope of inspiring other reluctant cooks, as well as enthusiastic ones. I
don’t always supply exact recipes, but rather ideas that may be useful in
deciding what and how to make an easy and delicious meal.

I’ve been a vegan
for more than 28 years — a vegetarian
for several years before that — and have gone through many dietary variations
from lacto-ovo to low-heated to Macrobiotic to vegan. I’ve been influenced by
all, and my cooking may call for ingredients from umeboshi paste to yeast
flakes. Usually I prefer simple cooking that enhances the taste of food rather
than dramatically changes it. It may be as simple as grinding peppercorns over a
wok-seared vegetable.

I use organic food whenever possible and mostly
whole grains.

Here is a direct link to her recipes page.

A huge recipe page, it goes on forever and looks amazing!  Enjoy 🙂


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  1. Thanks for posting an awesome vegan blogger!!! Go Andrea!

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