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Featured Blog — The Minimalists

So excited about the featured blog this week.  I first heard about these guys on an interview on thinktraffic (I recommend the interview too, it is so much better to see people on camera as well as read their stuff).  They built their site in 9 months to having over 100,000 visitors a month.  That rocks!  That, more than anything I can say or share, tells you that it has valuable content 🙂  These guys are an inspiration for blogging, but they also offer tons to the minimalism front (hence the name).  I still have lots of their site left to read, but I can say it is authentic, inspirational, and enjoyable.

They call their posts ‘essays’ and I agree.  They are longer, but they are so well put together.  Here are some teasers I got permission to share.

Here is their intro:

New to minimalism? New to our website? New to our essays? Well, welcome aboard. As you can see, there’s plenty of room here (a note from Joshua: OK, that was a lame minimalism joke; due to its lameness, you should assume Ryan wrote it).

There is a lot of content to read here, and you certainly don’t have to read it all at once, but here’s the order we suggest for starters. Start below (where it says “Start Here”) and find the things that add the most value to your life. Read slowly. Take your time. It might take weeks to get through all of our content. But that’s OK—it will still be here.

Their definition of minimalism:

To be a minimalist you must live with less than 100 things, and you can’t own a car or a home or a TV, and you can’t have a career, and you have to be able to live in exotic places all over the world, and you have to write a blog, and you can’t have any children, and you have to be a young white male from a privileged background.

OK, we’re joking. Obviously.

But people who often dismiss minimalism as some sort of fad or trend usually mention some of the above mentioned “restrictions” as to why they could “never be a minimalist.”

The truth is that minimalism….. you got to go to their site to get the rest 😉

Do you have a favorite site you would like to share?  Want to share your own site?  Just mention them down in the comments or send me a note.  I am looking for more to feature.

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  1. I have been reading their blog since last spring and really get a lot out of what they have to offer.

  2. Julie Julie

    Thanks Lorilee for introducing The Minimalists blog. I’ve had a great time reading some of their posts this afternoon.

    • glad you liked them. I have really liked reading their stuff too and have lots more to go. There way of writing is so easy to read. I love the way they think.

  3. Aw! They sound cool! I would love to read more about them..

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