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FFFT (Final Fall Field Trip)

A beautiful thing about home school.  November 1 I got up and checked the weather.  It was set to almost hit 70 and then snow the next day.  So we loaded up and shipped out.  We love the outdoors, but haven’t quite figured out how to handle the cold.   So we decided to make the most of it well we could.  We went to the Omaha Henry Doorley Zoo which is an amazing zoo near us.  Let me walk you through our trip….

These guys always crack us up.  They reach through the chains and beg, they yell, fight and sing.  … and this gem was making a face at us 🙂

The petting zoo was the first stop.  There are probably 20 goats of all ages running around that the kids can pet.

These birds kept diving in flocks from the barn roof down to their food and back.  There was enough of them that it felt like we were being attacked a few times.  I love the way they are so white and contrast so well with the sky and barn.

 One would think we would come to the zoo for the animals, but the kids are there so much that this time they were much more excited with the acorns and leaves.

 Lily was making a leave ‘bouquet’.

 Ian was helping.

…. for at least a few minutes.

Here is the finished product.  I just loved the yellow in the leaves.

The park and the train are also favorite spots for the kids to play.  We truly did see animals, but the kids are cuter to take pictures of.

Love this picture of Lily sitting on the train.

Playing with the water fountains.  Probably not clean water, but I try and keep my germ-phobic self from spoiling the fun.

 Love how this pic turned out.

They had lots of fun with this monkey.  I got about 20 pics of them hugging, patting, and sleeping on it.  It is the pic of Ian hiding in it that I thought was the best.

Here is another statue of a baby elephant.

 They had their pockets full of acorns the whole time.  This one had a pretty pink color that Lily really liked.  We took them home to show to daddy.


Then…. November 2….. here is the snow….


  1. Kari Kari

    So bummed we missed out on the zoo with you! Looks like you had a great time!

    • next time. We will figure it out. In the winter it is always good to hang out in the desert and jungle 🙂

  2. The zoo is beautiful, indeed! But my heart melted at the sight of your little lovable kids! Just look at how adorable they are!!! Makes me wanna jump into *marriage* and produce an offspring! HAHA. Just kidding. You’ve got a lovely site here. I’m following from Miss Minimalist’s blog. It’s been critical for you there, I see. But thank goodness for the sane people who backed you up! I think you’re just simply one of the coolest minimalist moms in the 21st century! No flattering. Just plain truth 😉

    • oh thanks! I had a hard time with some of the flack I was getting over there and haven’t look at it for a couple weeks. Simplified out negative people. I will tell you that when you do have kids they will be even cuter. Your own kids are always far superior in every way than everyone else’s 😉

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