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Simple Compassion — Kinda a Combo Post

Photo Credit–Samaritan’s Purse 4-Star Charity on Charity Navigator


Just a short note for today.  I am working on a great thanksgiving opportunity for next week and I had several random but compassion related stuff I wanted to share.  First, I wanted to put a note up for how to pick a good charity.

  1. Love Charity  This is an amazing tool that offers a third party look at the organization and rates them.  I feel much better about supporting a charity when it is rated well through their system.
  2. Positive Stories.  I know the world is a terrible place, but when I go to charities websites or get their mailings I much prefer to help those that are featuring their positive difference, instead of working hard at tugging my emotional strings with terrible stories and pictures.  I know the situation  is bad.  I want to help organizations that are focusing on the positive.  Then I can get excited about helping, instead of guilty that I am not (or not helping enough).
  3. Lasting help.  There is definitely need for disaster relief when terrible things happen, but I get really excited about helping with a positive and lasting change.  Starting farming programs, digging wells, training locals with basic medical skills, and education.  These kinds of programs are like investing, they will keep giving.

I know that these topics are not always popular on blogs, but I feel strongly about giving back and helping others.  I would love feedback on my Tuesday-Simple Compassion feature.  Have any suggestions or personal experiences that help ‘helping’ be real, tangible and practical in the simple life?

Two more things:

  1. Operation Christmas Child is collecting this week!  You still have time to participate.  I did up an article on it a few weeks ago.
  2. Compassion has sent out a bunch of bloggers who are doing an awesome job of sharing their experiences.  Check them out at:

Thanks to all you ladies!  Love reading your posts!

Come back next week for a exciting Thanksgiving opportunity!

Thanks for reading,


P.S.  Don’t forget to enter for the drawing, entries need to be in soon!  Free stuff is the best 🙂