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Lily’s Birthday Wish-Feed More Kids This Thanksgiving

I have used this pic before but it is one of my favorites of Lily from this fall, I had to post it again.


My darling daughter turned 8 last weekend.  She wanted to try to raise money for hungry kids for her birthday instead of getting gifts.  (she still got presents from us and the grandparents :)).  She read about the idea in a book a few years ago and has a super soft heart when it comes to wanting to help others.

We chose Action Against Hunger because it is top rated at Charity Navigator.

Take a look at some of the stats off their page:

Our Impact:

Action Against Hunger provides life-saving assistance and restores self-sufficiency to millions of people in over 40 countries.


people have received lifesaving support from ACF across the Horn of Africa in 2011.

215 Tons

of food assistance was delivered to 12,500 Somalis in August 2011.


malnourished children were treated by ACF in Kenya as of July 2011.
Want to help Lily out with her birthday wish to raise money for starving children?
I thought it would be a great thing to invite you to help with because it is Thanksgiving week when we are all thinking about food 🙂  If you can help out with anything she/we would be very excited.  Just click this link to go to our fundraising page.

Donate Now

(Donations are tax-deductable in the US.  After your donation you get a receipt you can print out)

Here are some pics of her party…

Here is a group of tired out kids after swimming.  Lily is holding the money she collected for Action Against Hunger.


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    Looks like it was lots of fun!

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