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Our Minimalist Christmas Tree

Ha, so this post might just be for your amusement.  Enjoy!

So, this spring with our cleaning out and simplifying we got rid of most of our Christmas decorations.  I love the holiday, but I don’t like the fact that it takes a bunch of space to store as well as lots of time to unpack, decorate, and then pack up again.  This isn’t where the joy of the season is.

Because I wanted the kids to have a tree, but didn’t want to store one, or chop down a perfectly good one living out side (and then clean up after it) I came to my next best option…. hangers.

I have been accused of being a little weird… and I am okay with it.  I have told Bryon that he is my bridge to the real world 🙂  He was never sure of this idea and several times asked me … if I really wanted to keep doing this or if we should ‘just give it up now’.  …. I have also been mocked by friends for this jewel.

All things considered, I like our tree this year.  Made out of 31 hangers.  It creates the shape, and holds the lights and decorations.

Do you have a simple or minimalist tree idea you would like to share?  … cause I don’t know if Bryon will for this one again 😉



  1. I love this idea! We have a fake Christmas tree, and it is big, I think 9 feet tall…but we have a big house so it works. I love decorating for Christmas, and I think I would have a hard time not having a traditional tree, even though ours is fake. If we were in a smaller space (which we hope to be sooner or later), I think I would get a living tree. LL Bean in Maine sells some really nice table top Christmas trees, and the best part is it will continue to live. I’m assuming you could put it outside the rest of the year, and then use it again the next year…if you can keep it alive. Or you could always plant it in the spring.

    • that is a neat idea! … we have always wanted to move to Maine 😉

  2. Kari Kari

    I’m glad you’re my friend Lorilee. You make me smile. I love how the oranges turned out. How about some stringed popcorn?

    • yeah, we might go for the popcorn… not sure how much more weight it can hold …. glad you will still claim me 😉

  3. anne anne

    I love your creativity! The only reason we have our fake tree is the kids enjoy putting it up entirely on their own. I would love to have it disappear in the name of minimalism, but will wait until they are finished with it.

    • yeah, the kids helped with this one but it is more fragile, they put on the ornaments.

  4. Judy Judy

    Now if you had kept those much talked about cats, they could play with that there tree…said with a smile and tongue in cheek.. Love your creativity and free spirit!!

    • yeah, trees of any kind are scared of kids and cats 🙂 … so far, ours is still hanging… just a few more weeks to go!

  5. Mary Mary

    I like your spirit.

    A couple of years, when our boys were young and our space limited, we hung a big shiny green wrapping paper-tree on the wall and let the boys decorate it with stickers. They loved it and so did I!

    • thats a great idea!

  6. We got a Rosemary little tree this year. We have it on the dining table. It’s cute.

    • oh, that sounds great. I love Rosemary.

  7. Lorliee…

    My hubby LOVED your hanger Christmas tree idea. Did you find the concept online or create it yourself? I am not super crafty and will probably need some additional instruction. Do you have a site I can reference?

    Thanks for your time!


    • haha, thanks for your comment and your e-mail. (I will respond on here so others can see as well, but both comments and e-mail work good to contact me)

      The hanger Christmas tree was my idea, as far as I know… I am not too crafty either but didn’t want to mess with the real tree and didn’t want to store the fake tree. Putting it up none of us were sure about it, but it seemed to work out alright. Here is how I did it.

      You need a hook on the ceiling or something up there to attach it to and hang down a string or wire to where you want to start your tree. One hanger goes on the wire and two hangers go on each side of the first hanger. Then two hangers go on each side of those hangers and on down. If they don’t all fit at the bottom then don’t put hangers on either sides of a few (does that make sense). Every hanger needs two different hangers on each side of the bottom to keep them balanced.

      Important: Use a bit of string to tie each hanger in a way to keep it on it’s respective side of the hanger it is hanging on. Balance is everything with this ‘tree’. If you don’t tie it than one little tip can send the whole tree out of balance and sliding to one side.

      As you hang ornaments on the tree be careful to keep the balance as well. I was hanging ornaments in the middle of the bottom wire of the hangers.

      Hope that helps. I love the smell of pine too, I got some needles from a friend and boiled them a few times to enjoy the smell in the house. The plus side is not having all those dry needles EVERYWHERE after Christmas 🙂

      • Jenni Jenni

        THANKS SO MUCH. Started it with a hook in my daughters room and some of her PINK hangers and it really seemed to work and was super cute. Will see, but betting we will be doing this downstairs as well. And love the idea of boiling some needles. Appreciate your creativity!

        • yay!

  8. Ann De Broux Ann De Broux

    My husband and I used to own a construction company. We were very busy one year, right up to Christmas. I found an old step ladder, spray painted it gold, wrapped a few strings of lights around it and put presents on the steps. One of the easiest and favorite trees of all time!

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