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Simple Pampering–Take a Break!

Since my hubby is such a great photographer he has been inspiring me to try and give it a shot.  These are a few of my attempts at ‘art’ photography from the zoo a few weeks ago.

I spend most of my life over thinking and trying to perfect every inch of my life.  I like that part of me, it has helped me make lots of changes in my life that I am glad I figured out.

However, intentional living has got to be intentionally balanced and fun.  It is hard for me, but I have been working at it, to take breaks.

I loved this entry to a little garden.  It is inviting and makes me feel like I can enter into a different world.

Because I am getting addicted to lists (maybe because they are organized), I wanted to make a list of ways to intentionally take a break.

  1. Chocolate (has got to be first on the list)
  2. Fancy Coffee
  3. Hot bath
  4. Invest in a pair of ear plugs (wear them when you aren’t alone with kids in the house… cause that isn’t safe).  Filter out the extra noise that you don’t need to hear.
  5. Start a fire in the fireplace
  6. Sit and stare out the window
  7. Read a shallow magazine
  8. Take a slow walk
  9. Lay down with you eyes closed for 10 minutes (even better with a cool eye pack)
  10. Breath out
  11. Drop your shoulders
  12. Practice doing nothing… this is harder than it sounds

This is a metal cactus… that I thought looked cool.

I have learned that I need at least one pampering break a day.  Because of my nutso-unsimple personality I need to be intentional about it.  Typically going out or spending money on myself doesn’t work for this.  Food and heat is what I go for.  I think great food has wonderful emotional benefits, and I think emotional eating/pampering is healthy.  It just needs to be for that reason and in a realistic amount.  I think what kills people, diet wise, is what they eat most of the time, not for a few emotional breaks… but that is a tangent… a piece of chocolate or cake properly enjoyed, is worth its weight/calories in enjoyment and pampering.

This is part of an old train that I thought looked cool.

What do you do to relax or pamper yourself?


  1. Kari Kari

    Great post Lorilee. I need to put that list on my fridge! I am looking forward to pampering myself…and I’m buying a freezy icy pack thingy for my eyes next time I’m out! That sounds just awesome. 😎

    • yeah, I have one and I always for get to use it. I need to put my list on my fridge too 🙂

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