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Simplify That Wardrobe

This is another post that I couldn’t get great pics for.  I pulled out a few from the fall/warmer weather/past few months that I haven’t shared yet.  Hope you like!  Every post is better with pictures.

Got this post idea from a friend and reader.  I love post ideas 😉  Thanks!

So how can you live a simplistic and minimalist life behind closed doors…. specifically the bedroom closet door?

The closet is, like the kids toys, a place where stuff seems to multiply.  Without proper taming it is wild, scary and dangerous…

Here are some basic steps to get started!

(this should be both ugly and beautiful, hard and exciting)

  1. Remove everything that doesn’t match the current season (weather)
  2. Remove everything that doesn’t match the current season of life (i.e. prom dress unless you are planning to attend this year).
  3. Remove everything that doesn’t fit.  To big or too small, get it out.
  4. Remove everything that you love, but don’t wear.
  5. Remove everything you don’t like and never wear.
  6. Remove anything you shouldn’t wear…. cause its ugly… even if it is comfortable… bye-bye!
  7. Remove everything that doesn’t fit right.
  8. Definitely remove everything that is stained or torn or missing buttons or is, in some way, broken
  9. Dance in all the new found space in your closet 🙂

Now to deal with the pile you have created (feel free as you go, to go and pull more out of the closet to add to this pile if you think of anything else).

Separate into the following piles:

  1. Keep-this might be for a favorite memory item, out of season cloths (that you like and will wear when that season comes around), cloths that will fit (soon… like in the next three months… realistically, not dreaming ;)).  Also include stuff you aren’t sure about.
  2. Donate-That beautiful sweater that you never wear, but is just too pretty to throw away of will look great on someone else.  It will be treasured and maybe help some poor soul get a job or save a life… or whatever story you want to tell yourself.  It is easier to get rid of some things if we see a new life for them instead of an end.
  3. Pitch-Yep, there is probably some of this stuff.
  4. Fix-You can make a fix pile, but make sure that 1)you actually know how to fix it 2) you actually will fix it 3) when it is fixed you like it, fit it, and will actually wear it….

Ok, bag up these groups and get them out of the way.  Now lets tackle what is left in the closet!  Nothing should be left in the closet that you won’t wear (or probably wear) sometime in the next month.

I can’t tell you exactly what to have in your closet, but I tackled my closet and cut it down a bunch this morning (got to practice what I preach) and was going to share with you what I kept.  Maybe use this list as a starting point and modify as needed.

My Minimalist Closet

  1. 3 church dresses
  2. 1 pants suit
  3. 1 pair of black dress pants
  4. 1 button up white shirt
  5. 4 sweaters (4 different colors and styles)
  6. 3 tan trench/spring or fall coat
  7. 1 wool dress coat
  8. 1 jean jacket …. this is one thing that is hanging on by a thread… I don’t wear it much
  9. 1 pair of jeans (I need to find another pair or two soon, just had a pair die on me)
  10. 2 ‘slouchy’ pants for around the house or to sleep in
  11. 1 yoga pants (I love these things)
  12. 5 dressy-ish shirts
  13. 1 cami
  14. 2 scarves (I like the idea, but I haven’t figured out how to wear them yet)
  15. 1 bathing suit
  16. 1 black belt
  17. Enough undergarments for 8 or 9 days (I will spare you the details :))
  18. 5 solid short sleeve shirts
  19. 2 solid long sleeve shirts
  20. 1 print short sleeve shirt
  21. Running/walking shoes for everyday use
  22. Pair of running shoes (just for exercising)
  23. 3 pairs black heels (very different styles, probably need to cut down to two, but haven’t yet)
  24. 1 pair cute brown flats
  25. 1 pair black boots
  26. 1 pair brown winter fluffy boots (that are fun)
  27. 1 pair strappy sandals
  28. house coat
  29. slippers
  30. 2 purses (1 small, one big)

Here are three pieces noted above 🙂

Then in storage:

  1. 3 summer dresses
  2. 1 summer skirt
  3. 1 short sleeve print shirt
  4. 1 pair shorts
  5. Paint cloths – one pair of pants with a long sleeve shirt and a short sleeve shirt
  6. Camping cloths – one pair hiking pants and camping coat

It looks like a long list typed out, but it doesn’t feel or look like much in the closet.  Nothing to get stuck at the bottom of the drawer.  Easy to use and easy to find.

Kids’ and hubby’s wardrobes are similar, but a bit different.  My husband has to have a whole extra wardrobe for work because he does construction.  The kids have more cloths because they love changing them… all day long.  But basically, the same rules apply.

Hope some of this helps.  Getting down to this list (finally after my last cuts today) has taken lots of time.  Start with cleaning out as best you can, go through often, and make sure that when you get new it replaces something else instead of adds to the pile.

Happy sorting!

I have added a few links to other sites that have ‘recommended’ wardrobes. They all have what you ‘should’ own, … which depends a lot on what you do for work, but I always find them interesting to read.


  1. Excellent ideas! I try to go through the kids clothes a lot, since they grow so fast each season seems like different sizes! Then there is my husband and my clothes…hmmm…I probably could get rid of my jeans from 10 years ago…but I just hold onto hope that I will fit in them again some day…ahhh dreams 🙂

    • yeah, kids cloths are crazy. I do the same with their cloths as with their toys…. only as much in their closet as we can clean up in a few minutes… because, toys/cloths, they spread it all around when they are playing.

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