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An Alien In My Pie

I wanted to share this.  I clipped it out a month or so ago from a magazine because I thought it was super funny. 

I have not read any more of it, but The Left-Sock Treelooks like it could have some potential.

I am trying to figure out some home schooling stuff.  The movies last week got me thinking and I am not sure exactly what to do.

Sometimes home schooling’s flexibility can be overwhelming 🙂

The thing is my kids are both ahead academically, and I think most kids can be if they are home schooled.  I have answered this situation with just pushing forward and filling the time and they just keep getting farther ahead.

So, this is great if my kid wants to be a doctor when she/he turns 18, but otherwise maybe there could be something else they could be developing and challenged at.

My whole perspective on success is changing (slowly).  If you would have asked me a year ago what I wanted of my kids education I would have said that I wanted them to go as far as they could.  For sure college, and hopefully beyond.  Cure cancer or establish world peace or something else equally exciting.  (ok, that might be a stretch, but it is always good to think big).

But what if success doesn’t have to do with money, or education or even influence?  I haven’t ever thought I believed it was, but I have acted like it is with my kids.

I struggle with needing to slow down and understanding success, but if I don’t do something different with my kids (than the norm) they will grow up with the same challenges.

I am not against college.  I want my kids to keep as many options open as possible.  I just want to try and help them learn and grow and explore with their talents and passions as a goal instead of a specific piece of paper.

Education is going a bit crazy and I am interested in where it will go in the next 10 years.  College and beyond is getting more and more expensive, and more and more people have degrees without the jobs they thought would be easy to get with them.   To counteract that there is more and more people and jobs where college or advanced degrees aren’t needed, or aren’t valued, as much as experience or ability.

How do I, we, education and steer our kids into this changing arena?  Knowledge is going to be way crazier 10 or 20 years from now and ‘keeping their options open’ might cause them to not know enough in a few areas to really excel.

Sigh, such are my thoughts.  No good answers… sorry.  If I had it all figured out…. I would have more money 😉

Any thoughts?