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Decorating The Tree

So this is kind of a food post. But not an eating post.  How about that?

The idea of a minimalist Christmas tree and decorations have been something I have been thinking on.  When we ‘went minimalist’ last spring we got rid of the tree and most of the decorations (we kept the most special ones, they are great memories to keep that don’t take up much space).

I wanted to make some fun decorations this year that would be simple and not last 🙂  Then it won’t add to our stuff collection and it will still make Christmas special.

I love citric so we made these two things out of oranges:

First, we did ornaments.  Here is the directions, but really it was very easy.  Cut oranges in about 1/4 inch slices.  Bake right on the rack for 1 hour at 275 and up to 2 hours at 225.  Pull out when they are dry, but before they burn.  Mine didn’t get completly dry, but they are hanging in a dry house.  You can also sprinkle them with cinnamon.  We did some with cinnamon and some without.  Better smelling or better for the lights to show through.. take your pick.  Here are some pictures.

 And for the finished product

Super simple, just how I like it.

We also did Orange-Clove Pomander’s which were actually lots of fun.  I had a bunch of whole cloves left over from making Elderberry Syrup.  Just take whole cloves and stick them into the orange.  The more the better and they make a natural air freshener.  I guess they were quite popular back in the day before we started filling our houses with strange chemicals 🙂  Really, they smell great and both kids (7 and 4) had a bunch of fun doing them.   I am not really creative so this was perfect for me.

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