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Home School Schedules = Freedom and Choices

This is a picture that I shot a few months ago that my husband edited for me.  I just love how it leads the eye through the picture.  Since my light room isn’t working for a current shot right now, I thought I would share it…. it kinda fits, leading our kids through life, or the education journey

So, since this is 2 days before Christmas and I have been reading about other people’s home school schedules around Christmas/Dec, I thought I would write a bit about some home school scheduling options we have found.

When I started home school a few years ago, I never thought of doing anything different than the typical public school schedule.  It was just the way school is, I thought.

The thing with home school is that can be whenever (or wherever).  Learning can happen:

  • day or night
  • winter or summer
  • spread out or intensive
  • 4 days a week or 7 days a week

And that is only a start.  Really, once I realized that there was all this freedom I didn’t quite know what to do with it.

Because of this, home school can still work in special circumstances. I have met with families where they juggle working and home school.  Also families who have home schooled successfully around illness (parents or kids).

We don’t really have anything like that.  We just have our days at home, while my husband works…. pretty much all year round.  So we can do, pretty much, whatever we want.

What are the laws that we start with?  Turns out Nebraska is a great state for flexibility on home school.  I found this answer on the internet.  Not sure on its current accuracy, but it gives a good general idea on how each state treats scheduling.  (check with your state for exact laws.. don’t sue me ;))

The different schedules we have heard and thought about are:

  • 3 months on, 1 month off = about 180 days
  • 3 weeks on, 1 week off = about 195 days
  • 4 longer days = hours for us works out to about 6 a day, so if we did 8 a day we could just do 4 days
  • 6 days= for about 5 hours a day
  • Take December off and do all of August and May

Easily vacations can be moved around to match the families schedule.

I have tried to keep up with school over the summer months for the last few years because they forget so much when they are off for too long, but neither year (summer) worked out that well.

So, right now we are following pretty close to the school schedule.  We took a week off at Thanksgiving, but we have done school all this week and are just taking off next week (1 week) at Christmas.

We pretty much do school 5 days a week but sometimes do work on Sundays too, especially if it is a fun field trip that daddy comes along with.

Some of these other year-long schedules still intrigue me because I see the academic value as well as having scheduled breaks off more often.

What kind of schedule do you follow for home school?

On Christmas (Sunday) I will be posting some great music videos that we will be listening too.  For the next 7 days (Monday – Sunday) I will be taking a vacation from my posting schedule and will be posting about our minimalist Christmas.   Merry Christmas! 

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