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Inner Beauty Contest

This picture is from a year ago, but it is such a good one of the two of us.  I need to get the hubby to shoot some more family pictures.

This month Lily has an inner beauty contest with a church program.  The idea is great with a bunch of girls not wanting to focus on outward appearances, but what it has turned into is a talent show.   Sure they are all talented too, but I want my daughter to understand what inner beauty is.  That it isn’t what she has, hasn’t, or can do.  It isn’t how she looks.  It is how she is inside.

Here is some of her inner beauty:

  • Very compassionate – She is very concerned with the people that don’t have food or shelter and tries to help as much as she can.
  • Sharing – she shares everything she gets with her brother and often us parents as well.  If she is by herself at a program and gets a cookie or candy, she will bring home half of it in her pocket to give to Ian.
  • Including – I watched this last week when she took a friend to her evening church program.  She introduced her friend to everyone who would listen, stuck to her side like glue, and talked her ear off about everything that was happening.  Her friend had fun and is going to come again!

Making this list for Lily got me thinking.  So often I (as noted on my blog) fight against what I don’t want to be defined by.

  • I am not what I have
  • What I look like
  • Being a woman
  • Being a mom
  • Education
  • Talents (or lack)
  • Past mistakes
  • What I have accomplished, or need to accomplish

Take this all away, and what am I?

What is my inner beauty, and what I am proud to be?  This is tough!  I wanted to give it a try for my own benefit.  Here is what I could come up with.

What makes me beautiful and makes me ‘me’ is:

  • Compassion
  • Dedication
  • Not afraid to try something new and growth loving

Ok, that is hard to talk about myself.  I thought it would be easier to call out some of my friends (with their permission), and share with you some of their inner beauty.

Jessy shot this pic, she lives so very far away but she is such an amazing person and I text her all the time.  It is impossible and unnecessary to put on an act when you are with her.  She is humble, but brilliant and strong.

Jessy is beautiful:

  • Authentic/real
  • Non-judgmental and open
  • Sane after 4 kids
  • A welcoming, kind and friendly spirit that is impossible not to love 🙂

 This is going to seem like a shameless plug for my husbands photography, but he has shot the rest of the pics 🙂  Brenda has the best sarcastic sense of humor.  Really, we hang out so much she feels like family.  She is friendly and approachable and a great listener (or she has to be, because I love to talk … sorry) 

Brenda is Gorgeous:

  • Trusting – … she is trusting me to only say good things about her 🙂
  • Strong
  • Determined
  • Relaxed

Kari is a spiritually grounded and aware person.  She is brilliant.  I probably would have no blog without her because she give me so many ideas and recommends books.  I admire her in so many ways.

Kari is Angelic:

  • Patient
  • Deep thinking
  • Committed
  • Focused

I feel like I haven’t seen Jeanette in forever.  She has been working like crazy.  She is tired, but seems to stay positive and happy.  She is really creative has the cutest apartment ever!  She also cuts my hair and did it in the pic above and on my contact page … really the only pics where my hair looks good.  

Jeanette is Wonderful:

  • Positive and happy
  • Creative
  • Patient

Can you tell we like kissing pictures?  I just had to post a kissing picture of Beth because she tries to come across very proper, but she has a wild heart underneath.  She is very wise and does such a great job with her kids.  She is super friendly and kind and refreshing to be around.  I am trying to talk them into hiking the grand canyon with us next year.

Beth is Radiant:

  • Thoughtful
  • Grounded
  • Committed
  • Humble

There you go, some examples of inner beauty.  Do yourself a favor and spend some time looking into yourself and finding your inner beauty.  It is easy to fight against what we don’t want to be defined as, but maybe it wouldn’t matter if we focused on what we are and want to be.  I am not very good at it.  I need practice.  It was great practice to focus on my friends 🙂

Feel free to share your inner beauty or an inner beauty you have valued lately in someone else.


  1. I always appreciate my husbands sameness. His emotions are not up and down (like a woman’s) but he’s the same every day. I really admire that.

    He’s also my greatest encourager and that has made a big difference in my life.

    It is so much easier to see the inner beauty in someone else than yourself. 🙂

    • oh, I understand completely. I have often said that it proves men and women need to be married to each other because of just that 🙂

  2. Oh man. YOU are beautiful Lorilee! I sure do miss you guys…the great conversations, shared food, & your adventurous spirit! Friends really do make the world go ’round!!!

    • yep, but then they go around the world 🙁

        • planning on it

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