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Making a Difference With Gift Giving Part 3 of 3

I am excited to share with you the 3rd gift catalog this month.  This is part of a 3 week series.  Week 1 and Week 2 are here.

Gift Catalogs are an amazing way to share the joy.  You can donate in the name of a friend or relative that is far away (instead of shipping a gift), or add a gift as a personal or family project.  The cool thing is that money goes a lot farther in one of these books than it does at the mall.  … so this is simple and efficient 🙂

This week we are featuring Samaritan’s Purse Gift Catalog Christmas 2011.

Several weeks ago we featured Operation Christmas Child by the same group.

Here are some of my favorites:

  •  #1 Provide a bike for the mission field $100
  • #3 Teach a kit to read and write $15
  • #8 Train and equip a birth attendant $45
  • #13 Provide a blanket $6
  • #21 Train and equip an evangelist $35
  • #24 Emergency relief supplies for a family $45

There is 3 ways to view this catalog:

The webpage – simple and straight forward.

Interactive – Flip through the pages online.  More pictures.

Paper copy – Order your own paper copy.

Happy Giving!