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Minimalist Christmas Day 1

Hey!  So today we started our minimalist Christmas.  It was December 25 on the calendar, but instead of being just a day we are going to have 7 days.  If you haven’t been around much, (I are super glad you have come today!) to get away from lots of stuff and a present-centered Christmas we are trying to create a family memory.

So, this is what we are up to.  7 days, 3 surprises each day.  One-a small gift, two-a special food/treat, three-a family activity.

(I am taking off from my usual posting schedule to do Christmas and share it with you)

Day 1

The kids have been super excited about their ‘7 days of Christmas’ and it is really cute to hear them tell other people about it.  I have been worried that they might prefer a pile of presents under the tree, but either to humor me, or the excitement of trying something out they have been all for it.

Today, they got a stocking full of stuff as their gift.  We have always done stockings so I wanted to keep that tradition.  However, what I put in it was much simpler.  They got 2 oranges (they take space so nicely), bag of popcorn, 6 candy canes, some cookies, some chocolates, and a little stuffed animal.  Really the stuffed animal was their gift for the day, it is just more fun in a pile of food 🙂  My kids love stuffed animals, not sure if it is mine or just all kids.

Here is the stockings all stuffed full.  The paper sticking out was their ‘notes’ telling them about their treat and activity.

Not fully awake, but excited

The special ‘treat’ today was waffles, strawberries and whipped cream.  My fabulous hubby got up and made them and monitored the kids and their stockings while I slept in.  I was able to hear through the wall of them opening their stockings and they were so stinking cute.  I think I have the best kids ever!  They loved everything they pulled out, including the oranges.  They showed each other everything and shared.  It was like a movie… they aren’t always so nice to each other.

Okay, so my husband was playing around with the kids and the food testing out his new lighting.  We are wanting to get better indoor pictures and food pictures.  He is much better than me, and he shot all these.  He had so much fun playing… so we got lots of good pics.






Our activity today was a pizza, game and movie party at home.  I wanted to space a few ‘home’ presents throughout the week for rest days, but somehow when the scheduling of stuff got figured out, today was the day when nothing else was open.  So, we played board games, made home made pizza and watched the movie Cars.  We don’t watch much… and might have had the only boy who hasn’t seen the movie in the country, but not anymore.  I think he liked it alright.  It ended up longer than he was used too, and the early morning started to wear on him.  The card we used for the camera for the rest of the day decided to quit working for us, so I don’t have any more pictures 🙁

We finished off the day driving around and looking at Christmas lights and then going over to a friends house for hot chocolate.

Adding a cost section for those of you who are like me and wanting to count every penny.

  1. Gift-$2 for the two animals and $4 for the candy canes
  2. Activity-borrowed the movie and made pizza from scratch
  3. Treat-Made waffles and strawberry sauce from stuff in the house.  Whipped cream $1.75

Total for Day 1-$7.75

It has been a good day, and I am looking forward to the rest of the week.  Ah, vacation 🙂

How was your day?


  1. I just found your blog! I read a little bit about your journey. About moving to a smaller place. I’m so going throught he same thing and loving being more of a minimalist now. I still have a long way to go, but I’m enjoying the journey. I had to post my comment on these waffles. I’ve been craving waffles for a long time! You just reminded me of that. Waffles for dinner sounds LOVELY!

    • Yes, they are good anytime of day 🙂 Love your blog!

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