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Minimalist Christmas Day 2

New to Loving Simple Living?  This week we are sharing our minimalist Christmas experience.  Regular posting schedule will be back next week.  Here is Day 1

Day 2

On the second day of Christmas, this is what we were up to.

For the gift Ian got a dinosaur kit.  He got to build it with daddy this morning.

I had so much fun taking these pictures of Ian and daddy building this dinosaur.  I love the way the colors worked.

Lily’s gift was a rug hook.  (I think that is what it is called).  Grandma gave her a kit a while ago, but it never had a hook.  With the hook and some instruction she was all set.  She really picked up on it quick and worked on it off and on all day (even took it in the car with her).  I am excited to see something crafty that she can do on her own.  She loves creating things but at barely 8 years old there isn’t much she can master on her own yet.

She started slow, but really got the hang of it.

For the activity we got in a bit of trouble.  We had intended to go to the Children’s Museum but we discovered it was closed.  So instead we went to the Durham Museum in Omaha.  We have lived around here for a while but have never been there.  Lots of trains the kids could play on and tons of information.  The building is beautiful.  Bryon had lots of fun taking pictures of the architecture and the kids climbed all over everything they could.

This is in an old streetcar.



I carry this big ‘purse bag’ on trips like this so I can carry the snacks and sweaters and my book and … too much stuff.  Not much for fashion but it works.

For our ‘treat’ we had a fire after supper and made smores.  Between the smell of campfire and the taste of smores, it almost felt like summer again 🙂  (if you haven’t had them, smores are a graham cracker sandwich with a roasted marshmallow and chocolate in the middle)

Making them at home allows them to be perfect.  Fire roasted marshmallow with the final product put in the microwave for 10 seconds.  Perfect balance of rustic and civilization gooiness.

For the numbers if you are curious:

  1. Gift-Dinosaur 1.75 (on clearance from Michael’s), rug hook 2.50 (or something close also from Michaels)
  2. Activity-Would have cost $26 but we decided to purchase a home school membership for next year out of the home school budget for only $45 (less than 2 trips) so out of our Christmas budget nothing.
  3. Treat-probably about $7

Total for day 2=11.25

I am really excited about tomorrow!

How’s your week going?  Doing anything fun?  Taking extra time off work?


  1. The best gifts are those that can be enjoyed together! Sometimes I wonder if my obsession with latch hook as a child isn’t why I started making Waldorf dolls. Latch-hooking the crocheted caps is practically hypnotic to me!

    • yeah, I was so excited that she really jumped in. I find her the colors she needs and she goes 🙂

  2. Shelly Shelly

    Looks like a lot of fun! Wish we lived closer – looks like we have a lot in common! And so you know, I love the purse bag. Fashionable AND functional. Two thumbs up from me! I’m stuck in the backpack method – I love the compartments and comfort in wearing it. And that’s if I’m not wearing a kid on my back… hahaha sometimes I’ve got the backpack on the front and the kid pack on the back. Talk about not fashionable! It works. And you’re a beautiful mom, so you could really wear whatever old bag over your shoulder you wanted and I doubt it would even matter!

    • Yeah, kids come with a whole lot of stuff 🙂 I do the backpack a lot too. Thanks so much for your comment!

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