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Minimalist Christmas Day 3

Hey, it is a late night tonight and we are tired out from the day.  Today was the 3rd day of our minimalist Christmas.  Here is Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 3

Bryon was really creative this morning and made a scavenger hunt for the kids.  They got the first clue in their stockings by the fireplace and it sent them all over the apartment before finding their ‘present-notes’ taped under a dinning room chair.  They completed it all in about 2 minutes, so it didn’t buy the sleeping in time I had hoped 🙂

The gift for today was play-doh. The kids love playing with it, but it gets dried out and mixed so easily.  They really needed a new set so it made a great gift.

Lily made a ‘cat’ and then went to work on her rug project from yesterday.

 Ian made a bunch of balls for cat toys and was storing them in the container.

For their treat we grilled (veggie) hamburgers and made homemade french fries.  We have super great potatoes from grandmas farm and they make amazing fries.  The taste of the grilled ‘burgers’ brought back summer memories.  A burger just isn’t the same fried on the stove.  It needs the grill.

Yum!  These are Grillers by Morning Star, my favorite.

These gems are natural, vegan, local, sugar free, fresh, and high in omega fats.  Healthy all the way around 😉  They are boiling in canola oil.  

Our activity was probably the highlight of the week.  We went to CoCo Key.  It is an indoor water park in Omaha.  We got a great deal on tickets and talked some friends into coming.  The water park isn’t that big, but it is perfect for the kids.  Ian is big enough to ride the big boy slides and Lily is big enough to ride the really big, fast, tubing slides.  They ran and ran …. swam and shivered from 2:30 till 8:30.

Shot these with my ‘I-wish-it-was-an-iphone-but-my-hubby-talked-me-into-getting-a-droid-that-decides-when-it-wants-to-work-even-though-it-is-brand-new’ phone.   Something about bringing his good camera around crazy kids and lots of water 🙂

Lily is so hard to take pictures of, she just won’t sit still.  This was a lucky shot.

Coconuts hanging over the lazy river.  The kids don’t get the lazy river.  It is a race river to them.

Mr. Super-cool on his way up the steps to ride the slides.  He must have climbed them 100 times this afternoon.  He is sleeping good now 🙂

Today really tired me out.  Swimming, chasing kids and trying to stay warm sure is draining.  Good thing my hubby made some high calorie french fry nachos out of the left overs from dinner.  Yum again.

Okay, for the money, in case you are interested.

  1. Gift – 1.75 for a 4 pack of play-doh
  2. Activity – $32 for tickets we got on sale a few weeks ago, but Grandma sent the money for them as a Christmas present.  Thanks Mom!
  3. Treat – Probably about $7 for burgers and buns.  The rest we had on hand.

Total for the day = $8.75

4 more days to go!


  1. Gin Gin

    You should make your own play dough. Super easy and super cheap.

    • Thanks for your comment! We have before, but by the time we get the stuff together and get enough food coloring for the bright colors… we spend more than 1.75. It was fun for them to learn how to make though.

  2. Your family has been finding inexpensive ways to spend special time together. And, coming up with creative ways to do it. You are making extra special memories together and this is something no amount of money could by without the thought and care you have put in to planning your special activities. -heather

    • thanks. That is what we have been trying for.

  3. fun! i miss coco key. we went once when we just couldn’t handle winter any longer! 😉 good pictures too, i’m envious of bryon’s lighting abilities! and…i just have to say it…you shoulda got an iphone. 😉

    • we have been playing with lighting, he is trying to learn and teach me… I am not always a good student.

    • and, I should have got an iphone 🙁

  4. Ok, I like your post, but my comment is seriously off topic. Your photography is so pretty, and I LOVE your header!! 😀

    • Thanks so much! I have been trying to get better. My husband is way better at photography and he shot all the header photo’s except the food one. The header is part of the theme (flip blog through ThemeForest) I got, and I love how it works. I love wordpress.

  5. Dawn Dawn

    I am really enjoying your posts. About the play doh, I don’t think my kids will be happy with store-bought again…or maybe it is me! It may cost more to make if you find a good sale, but the recipe makes so much more dough, and they can do so much more with it. Oh, and I don’t get stressed about them mixing several colors together. It supposedly doesn’t last, but ours has lasted almost a year before having to be tossed. We add Kool Aid and sometimes glitter for a good smell & fun.

    • can I ask you what your recipe is? Maybe it was just that I didn’t have the right one 🙂

      • Dawn Dawn

        I found this recipe somewhere on the internet, but don’t remember where. It makes enough to fill a large margarine container.

        Play Dough

        3 c. flour
        1 1/2 c. salt
        3 c. water
        2 Tbsp. vegetable oil
        1 Tbsp. cream of tartar
        1 pkg. unsweetened Kool Aid

        Mix all ingredients in a large saucepan. Cook over medium heat until dough comes away from edges of pan & it is difficult to move spoon. Remove from heat & cool until able to handle. Knead on countertop 3-4 times. Store in airtight container.

        • Thanks, I will have to try it. .. I just gave my cream of tartar away when I was minimalizing my kitchen again a few months ago 🙁

  6. Dawn Dawn

    Oh, and my Mom gave the kids a gift of one of those sets of something like 100 cookie cutters that she found at Walmart for $10. It keeps them busy making seasonal play dough “cookies” or letters, plus we use it for sandwiches or “real” cookies.

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