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Minimalist Christmas Day 4

Welcome back!  Today ends the 4th day of our minimalist Christmas.  Over halfway done now.  Sadly, we are loosing steam fast.  Ian woke up to his stocking on Dec 25 (Day 1) with 1 or 2 coughs, then daddy got the sniffles, then Lily and now me.  We aren’t really sick or really better, but today was much slower.  On the plus side, having a quiet morning meant I could die my hair like I have wanted too.  Super bright red, but I have so much hair there wasn’t enough die and I have streaks.  sigh.  At least it is brighter red than I started.

The kids have been souped up on sugar, not much rest time, lots of excitement, and they refuse to sleep in because they want to find out what the next day will bring.  Lily has gotten up at midnight and 5am (that she has admitted) to find out what the next days presents/activities will be.  The combo of all of that has made staying healthy hard for all of us.

So, on to today, Day 4

The gift today was a bit different.  We got them music that they wanted and tried to get it downloaded for them on their player last night….. but the night got too late and it wasn’t working right.  So this morning they got their music.

I Love The Way You Hold Me — Jamie Grace

This Is The Stuff — Francesca Battistelli

Listen – Josh Wilson

Shine on us – Josh Wilson

And a couple other Josh Wilson songs.  They were dancing around the house, somehow missed getting pictures.  Funny story with this is that my husband really doesn’t like Francesca Battistelli’s music.  Drives him nuts.  I try to explain to him that she isn’t trying to sing to attract mid 30’s bald guys, but it doesn’t seem to help.  So, because he is such a great dad, he still got her this song because she loves it.  …. and has been cringing all day listening to it (and Lily) on full volume.  Such a great man!

I had the Josh Wilson songs from a gift card a while ago, because I love his music, so we only had to copy a few of those into the playlist.

The treat today was crepes.  Bryon made up a pretty amazing batch with both blueberry and strawberry sauce.  Having two kids means that there is two separate likes and requests for everything…. I can’t imagine what the folks with more kids have to do for fruit sauces 🙂

Food is a big thing our our house, we love it!

Our activity for the day was the Zoo.  The dearly missed east coast cousins just arrived last night and they were to meet us this afternoon.  Unfortunately, Lily was just feeling worse and worse and I decided to stay home with her to rest.

My husband said that he was too shy to say anything for the first half an hour, but after that he didn’t stop talking and they were inseparable.  

They are so stinking cute!  Almost exactly the same age.

And a pretty parrot…..

At first I was disappointed with not being able to take off for the afternoon, visit, and enjoy the great weather, but some quiet time with Lily was nice.  Got her all warm and cozy in bed and she fell right to sleep.  Then I got to pick up the disaster that this week has made the house and sit in a quiet house with a cup of tea.  We met up with them at Grandma’s for supper and had a great evening.

The three oldest cousins, all book worms.  

The holiday season seems super bad for germs and bugs.  It seems like everyone on Facebook and Twitter are talking about getting sick or getting better.  Late nights, tons of programs (for passing germs between people who would never meet otherwise), more sugar, and lots of excitement make it super hard for little bodies (or big bodies) to stay strong.  I have tried all month to get as much rest in as possible, this week especially.  I sure hope they both feel better in the morning.

For the money:

  1. Gift – 2 songs I didn’t already have $1.28
  2. Food – made with stuff we had in the house
  3. Activity – Free with our zoo pass

Total for the day – $1.28 (cheapest day yet… and cheapest for the week)

Since this was a super cheap day.  What are your fun cheap/free family activities?


  1. Spending the day at the beach is free and so good for you health! My girls play in the sand and don’t even want to eat! And they love food.

    • yes, kids need the outside just to explore, dig, get messy. My kids will spend the whole day at the beach playing. Thats got to be some of the best for their health as well as education. I want to get the kids down to the beach sometime this spring, but still trying to work the money out.

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