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Minimalist Christmas Day 5 – And Pinterest

Shortly after my last post I got a crazy fever.  I have barely slept and barely moved in the last 24 hours.  Sigh.  Such is life.  I have learned that if I am going to be sick it is much better when hubby is on vacation and can take the kids.  I planned all 7 day of Christmas, but it isn’t looking like I will be participating in many.  Either way, it has been a good week.  For earlier post: Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4

Now for Day 5

Lily is feeling much better today so both kids had a chance to enjoy the day.


The gift for today was pretty fun.  I made up a sewing kit for Lily and hubby did up a building kit for Ian.  They are both ‘real’.  I think real and small is much better than a bunch of bright plastic fake stuff.

Lily got fabric, scissors, needle, lace, and elastic.  She got to pick out more fabric and thread at Grandmas to finish off the kit. Ian got a hammer, 2 screwdrivers, safety glasses, a tape measure as well as nails and screws and a block to put them into.



Donuts.  The best donut shop I have ever been to is the ‘Blair Bakery’.  It is amazing!  It is in between us and Grandmas house so whenever we go to Grandmas during the week early enough in the morning we get donuts (which isn’t very often at all).  But, this morning it was part of the plan.  … it was a bad day to be sick and miss out 🙁


Ginger bread houses at Grandmas house with the cousins.  I got a kit of 5 little houses to make a village on half price Monday on Christmas clearance.



Costs for the day

  1. Gift – $4 for Lily’s Scissors, $10 for Ian’s tools
  2. Treat – $10
  3. Activity – $5 for kit

Total = $29 (most expensive day of the week so far)

So, while I was sitting here this morning I got on and try to start figuring out Pinterest.  There is so much stuff on there!  Anyways, I wanted to make up a few pins.  I have to say I like the quote pins the best.  Here are the ones I came up with.


Okay, now I am going to bed and hoping that I will wake up tomorrow feeling young and alive again.  I will not be posting until next year :), I will post Day 6 and Day 7 together Sunday morning January 1.


  1. Carmen Carmen

    Hi Lorilee!

    I’m so sorry you’re (all) feeling on the unwell to sick scale! 🙁

    I just wanted to stop by and say how much I LOVE the spirit behind your 7 days of Christmas and also some of the specific things you’ve done. Today’s is my favourite! I have two girls who would have been thrilled with today’s gifts.

    Along these lines, how about knitting needles & wool for Lily and a fire steel and bug magnifying glass for Ian, at some point in the future (sounds very gender stereotypical for which I apologise, but feel compelled to say we’ve given all three to our girls!) We’ve also taken our girls den building in the forest and fossil hunting on the coast in the past, both are great family activities on the cheap. Also, I think you might like geocaching, you can check it out from your sick bed at 😉

    I mentioned your Christmas to hubbie on day 1 or 2 and he also thought it sounded great, so we’re going to talk to our children about it as an idea for next year. They’re slightly older (11 & 10 currently), hence discussing it and not just jumping straight in.

    Hope you feel much better tomorrow. Can recommend a bedtime bubble bath (with lavender if you have any to aid sleep), paracetamol for the fever and hot honey with lemon! x

    • Carmen,

      I think we are sisters 🙂 Lily wants knitting needles but I told her she had to master the crochet I have for her first (one needle at a time :)) They have a magnifying glass that they love…. and they will both get fire steel… when they won’t catch the apartment on fire. We haven’t tried den building, but fossil hunting is awesome. We love geocaching! (our best find while geocaching was finding a baby dear the size of a large cat curled up under a tree, we kept our distance but the kids got to see it, so cool) And, I have been doing lavender bubble baths and drinking honey and lemon.

      I have to say in the morning the kids are way more excited about the notes that have their activity and treat than the gifts. I think it might be even more fun with the older kids because there is so much more you could do. I am going to talk to the kids after it is all over and see what they thought of it. Hard to figure out the little minds, but I think they are having fun.

  2. Those kits are such sweet gift ideas…they would also be great for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!

    • I hadn’t thought of that. They probably would be way better than the dollar store plastic stuff we have always found before. I found a great movie on OCC that I have scheduled for a post on Tuesday. They do such a great ministry and they have such great promotional stuff. They are just beautiful in so many ways.

  3. I loved the gifts! What a great idea. Both of my girls would had liked both, the sewing and the building kits. Anything where they can use their little hands to create, that’s what they enjoy. The little ginger house is adorable! I hope you feel better!

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