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Still Simplifying — Loving Minimalism

We are really getting addicted to the minimalist lifestyle.  Last year at this time we were cold and wanting change, but we didn’t know what.  This year, we are still in Omaha and cold, but we own only a small fraction of what we had last year.

Originally, I thought we would go through everything this spring and cut back and move.  We did that and now we are in an apartment that we love.  What I didn’t realize was that I would really get addicted to the ‘getting rid of stuff’.  It is so fun!

I am sure I sound crazy.  But it is my little piece of the internet here 🙂  We have gone through stuff several times since we moved and gotten rid of tons more.  Just last week we cleaned out the garage.  We moved some extra tools, a few boxes of memories, and our camping gear to my in-laws house and the rest we touched for the last time (donated it to goodwill, or sold, or gave away somehow).

Some stuff we got rid of this past week:

  • end table
  • extra chairs
  • TV, DVD/Video player, videos — we are now a TV free house! (more on that next week)
  • bunch of cloths that I cut out when I did my wardrobe post
  • and a bunch more

I go back and forth about how to write my minimalism posts/updates.  Really, it doesn’t sound all that exciting, and I want my content to be interesting and helpful.  Most of my posts are thoughts and ideas because that is how I think, but I want to share notes about how it is working out in our life.

So there you are, we are getting smaller and smaller.  Dreaming of traveling this winter (but nothing has worked out yet), and loving and recommending simple living.

I think we might be to the point where we could actually count our belongings!  This seems like quite a fad in the minimalism world.  I haven’t counted… cause it is still a bunch.  But I feel like we are down to the point where I actually could… if I had the time on my hands 🙂

Few notes on the real side of our minimalism life:

  1. The neighbor below us has taken up some kind of video gaming that has, at times, shaken the whole building
  2. I managed to get rid of both my irons to Goodwill instead of just one like I intended… now I am iron-less, and even though I don’t iron as much as I should… I don’t want to live that simple, opps.


  1. Wow! No TV! We don’t have cable, but we do have the internet on our TV, so we use netflix and hulu a lot. Sometimes I want to get rid of it, but then I don’t. I have dreams of traveling too…but that is still a ways off I believe. And I love reading your thoughts on your journey. Sometimes I think reading someone’s story is more helpful than reading suggestions of what *I* should be doing 🙂

    • glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I’m with you on this, Lorilee. I love the feeling of having a house with only what we use and need. If we don’t use it, we don’t need it. I think others appreciate that feeling of clean and uncluttered feeling when they visit too. -heather

    • yep, easier to have people over without stressing about cleaning first too.

  3. you’re right. it is so fun! i need to do another sweep through our house soon! maybe after christmas.
    cute pictures of your kids! 😉

    • so fun getting rid of stuff 🙂

  4. Danielle Danielle

    Wow!! No TV!! We are a long ways off from that. My hubby and I are sort of tv junkies-though i hate to admit it. The tv isnt on during the day, but once the hubby is home, its on for the night (we love our prime time television) The thing is, I’ve been getting that nagging feeling that we really should scale back-i feel like aln oppurtunity to read with our girls (4 and 1) is being ostracized by the stinking tv. You know when you get the feeling that its time for a change but you keep dragging your feet? yeah that’s us. BUt your inspiring me to do better, Im committing the hubby to keep the tv off till 8pm and the kids are off to bed. Thank you!!

    • Yeah! I am working on an article just about TV for next monday. We didn’t go cold turkey, it is a hard habit to break. Thanks for your comment!

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