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We Are Making A List

We have reached the sad time of year when I am to big of a baby to go outside for pictures.  Outside pictures are so much better… but, since I don’t have any…here are some inside ones. 

Sung to the tune of Santa Clause is coming to town:

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Mom and Dad will take you round town
We’re making a list, checking it twice
For our kids who are only nice
Mom and dad will take you round town
They talk when you are sleeping
They don’t when your awake
They know that you’ve been super good
… but keep it up, for goodness sake

Sorry… this isn’t one of my talents… pardon the cheesiness 😉

Such a simple thing, and they had a blast. … might have had something to do with the fact that they were cutting up their old school papers 🙂

We have been working on our Minimalist Christmas plan and I think we have it figured out.  For those of you who didn’t read our other article a few weeks ago we are experimenting with a minimalist Christmas with our kids where we create an experience instead of focus on gifts.

The plan is to have 7 days of Christmas from Dec 25 till Dec 31, where we will plan an activity, a small gift and a edible treat for each day.

I posted our original plan the beginning of the month (because I knew we would modify it a bunch), but now it is much more figured out and nailed down.   The kids know what you know… but that is it.  It is a surprise for them, and it is a surprise for you (I don’t like posting about where and when we will be places…. probably bad internet practices with kids).

I will be posting the following morning a recap of our day from Dec 26 through Jan 1, stay tuned!


  1. Aw, this was the. cutest. post. I love your sweet photos and words! Looks like so much fun!

  2. Mary Mary

    I really love that they used their school papers for making the snowflakes! I think I saw coffee filters being used at school today. Similar ideas, yet recycle-wise, so far apart.

    • coffee filters would probably work really nicely. Light and almost see through.

  3. Susan Susan

    I love the use of school papers for snowflakes. I am anxious to follow your Christmas plans.

  4. We’re all about keeping it simple around here this year as well!

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