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…and what you should do about owls on noses!

Its Friday!  Made it through another amazing home schooling week 🙂  I wanted to take a second to say a special ‘hi’ to all the new folks coming!  So glad you are here, can’t wait to meet you.   We, here at Loving Simple Living, are a fun group and are always looking for more to join in the fun and discussion.  Welcome! Today is Home School day.

I had a feeling that you might need some Dr. Seuss today…. so here is what Ian wanted to share with you: 

And when I keep them open I can read with much more speed
You have to be a speedy reader ’cause there’s so, so much to read!
You can read about trees…and bees…and knees…And knees on trees! And bees on threes! (yes this is threes, not trees)
You can read about anchors. And all about ants.You can read about ankles! And crocodile pants!
You can read about hoses…and how to smell roses…and what you should do about owls on noses! (from Dr. Seuss — ‘I can read with my eyes tight shut’)

There, now the week can end on the right note 🙂

It hit me a few weeks ago.  This huge difference between school kids and home school kids.  Sure, my kids are often in their PJ’s after lunch, but there is more than that.

My kids read ALL the time!

  • I am not a morning person and the kids always get up before me.  What do I find them doing when I finally roll out of bed? Reading.
  • When Lily finishes a subject before the half hour slot is up.  What does she do? Often times read.
  • What does Ian do when he is bored and Lily and mommy are working on school work? read, … as long as he has tried to create trouble and get our attention every way he can first.
  • Before lunch, after lunch when they have free time while I cook and clean up.  What do they do? Read.
  • During ‘quiet time’ in the afternoon? …. all they can do is read and sleep… so that is an easy one
  • In the car, after supper, before bed…. they are reading.

Not that they read all the time, they still find time to make a mess of the room and fight sometimes, but they spend hours reading each day.

Ian just started reading this year and it has been so fun to watch him.  Just in the last few months he has really been able to read for enjoyment to himself.  Lily and I find it easier to read during the day now that he can settle down for a bit as well.

Not only that, but I read to the kids worship every morning, often times before they go down for quiet time in the afternoon, and then again at night before bed.  Without Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press, our family would …. I don’t even know what.  We live off the printed page (…..or now off the kindle a lot of times).

Sure, kids in school do lots of reading too, I just can see how much more time the home school environment allows for it.  There isn’t distractions, strong schedules, extra explaining and teaching for a small percentage of the kids who need it (that the rest of the kids need to sit through), daycare, travel, and more.  Here at home we do assignments, read, and hang out.

I need to note in here that we don’t have a TV, not having a TV gives the kids about 4 hours more to read than the average American.

What does all this reading allow?

  • relaxation
  • quiet
  • learning
  • imagination
  • focus
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • ability to express thoughts and ideas better
  • brain exercises
  • introduction to new ideas
  • self-entertainment

… and much more.

Hope you all have a great weekend and that you find some time to read and relax between all the busy-ness 🙂

Speaking of reading I have a free e-book coming out next week Wednesday (Feb 1 ) of some of the best posts so far on Loving Simple Living.  If you have just joined our group this is a great way to catch up, or if you have read them all and want a PDF copy to read again, this is for you.  It will be sent out to the subscriber list on Tuesday night, (it is always great to be on the subscriber list), otherwise come by and grab a copy Wednesday.

See you next week!


  1. We love reading here too! My babes don’t read yet, but we are working on it with my oldest. Instead, I read to them…a lot. I read when they are playing, I read when they are going down for naps (yes we still need naps around here). Reading reading reading 🙂 My oldest likes to sit down and have me read whatever I am reading myself to her, it is really interesting to listen to the questions she comes up with about “living off grid” or “animal vegetable miracle” And while we do have a tv, more often than not they ask to read, which is a nice thing for me 🙂

    • that is so cool! Just having them develop a love for books instead of tv or video games is so awesome!

    • Debbie Debbie

      Totally unfair to mention the napping … my little 2.5 year-old has given her up her naps and I’ve been stubborn continuing to put her down for a couple months even though she hasn’t been sleeping. I am so envious … hope you know my ranting is all in jest.

      • oh no! 🙂 My son gave up his naps pretty early too, but now that he is getting older he is able to read or play quietly on his bed for 45 min to 1 hour without too much complaining. We have been really consistent with it this year (for my sanity) and he is actually falling asleep more now than 1 year ago. There is hope 🙂

  2. Great post! Reading is so important. I admire this lifestyle you are living. My Ellyanna is slowly learning how to read, it’s exciting!

    • isn’t it so fun to watch them learn. All of a sudden the whole world opens up to them and they start reading signs and store names. Everything starts looking different 🙂

  3. What does Ian do when he is “board “…….

    During “quite” time’ in the afternoon?

    Isn’t that supposed to be “Bored”…and “Quiet” ?

    You talk about grammar…but i think you just write too fast !!! Lol

    I’m french speaking…and could not help but notice…

    Keep up the good work…but please write s…l…o…w…l…y

    Taking it easy is another part of being a minimalist.

    Have a real nice day !!!

    • haha. Thanks. Honestly, grammer and spelling is my worst subject. I would tell you how much better I am doing now that I am practicing blogging…. but that would tell you how bad I was to begin with 🙂 … only made it through college on spell check. I will update now.

  4. Gem Gem

    Is Ian reading mainly chapter books on the Kindle? In the picture you showed it looked like there might be some illustration.

    Over our Christmas holiday, I tried checking out some kids’ picture eBooks for the plane. I did it for the iPhone, not the Kindle, so it did have color. However, the formatting was so bad it was practically unreadable. To get the book in eBook format they would scan the entire page, including the words, but then put the words again as free-flowing text in order to make it big enough to read. As a result, big-enough-to-read words never appeared on the same page as the image.

    I will grant you that the iPhone is a really small screen size to try to read picture books on but it seems to me that they could have done better. The only books I’ve found for Calvin that are actually readable are the book “apps” like _Cat in the Hat_, published by OmBook.

    Anyway, I was curious if you had found any good picture eBooks. I’m not sure if well-formatted picture books don’t exist or if the library just doesn’t buy them. Normally, I think picture books are best in full-sized physical format but they get very heavy when traveling 🙂

    • I think the picture of him has the has one of the pictures after you turn it off. He was playing around and trying to hide from the picture 🙂 He has a few Curious George books and another one (not with a series I don’t think) that have pictures, but they are just simple black and white ones. I found them at the kindle store this summer. It is hard to find many with pictures. Most books are chapter books on the kindle that Lily reads and Ian does most his reading on ‘real’ books. The formating was fine, just simple.

  5. And again, this is in line with my theory of how everything has become so damn visual these days. I’ve come across parents who can’t even read to their own children, because they themselves don’t pick up a book regularly.

    One family I lived with lost the cable TV; instead of investing in books and time with the son, they went and bought a slew full of DVD for the kid to watch. How sad is that.

    • sad but common. Yes, I don’t think kids will learn to read without watching their parents read for fun as well. They copy us. Thanks for your comment!

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