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Featured Blog — Blogging With


Every Sunday I feature a blog that I think will offer additional (more or better) stuff to my readers (you :)) about some of the topics that we chat about here.  This Sunday I wanted to feature Blogging With  Amy’s site is a bit different.  She isn’t blogging about minimalism or simple intentional living, her blog is built to help you (and me) blog about these things. … you don’t have to blog, it is just fun 🙂

I don’t check all that many blogs regularly, but I do check hers all the time.  She has all kinds of helpful stuff on her site that I go back and read for helps.

So, if you are interested in starting a blog, or are wanting to work on the one you have, this is the site you need!  Really, I wasn’t computer(y) at all before I started this site, and really don’t know all that much now.  I have learned that setting up a blog is pretty easy and lots of fun.

Here is a note from Amy’s about page: (shared with permission)

 Hi there. This site will help you start your own blog or website or improve the one you’ve got. I share tips, tools, tutorials and other resources that make the process quite simple.

I don’t have a degree in anything remotely related to computers. I googled my way through creating my first website in 2004. This is the site I wish was available back then. source

Check out her site!

Do you have a favorite site you would like to share?  I am always looking for good blogs and sites!