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Featured Blog — Small

I have wanted to feature this amazing minimalist lady for a while now.  I figured sharing her and her site today to start the new year off would be super nice.  Kick start, restart Simple Living 🙂

This is a pic she had up on a wavy hair post this past week.  I love the background, the cute kid, and the hair.  


From her about page:

Hi, I’m Rachel.

I live in Texas with my husband Doug and our two small kids.

We’ve learned that when we buy less, our lives are easier.  We want a home that is welcoming and peaceful, without clutter.  Fewer distractions, so we can focus on what’s really important.

In our small home, I want to:
  • keep our lives simple and focused
  • nurture our relationships
  • learn practical skills such as gardening and cooking
  • make smart decisions for our money
  • enjoy peace during a hectic day

My hope is that you find inspiration, encouragement, and practical tips as you read this blog. I don’t have it all together. I don’t expect for you to have it all together, either. Source

Here is a link to an interview she had with US News.

Here is a link to her favorite post.  It is a beautiful one about what memories or sentimental items we should keep or throw.  Simple and brilliant.

Great lady and a site that adds lots of value.  I have been reading her blog for the last few months since I found it, and love her perspective.  Check out her website.

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