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Minimalist Christmas Days 6 and 7

Merry End of Christmas and Happy New Year!  We are finishing the week feeling much better (rid of the sick) and with a bunch of great memories.  It has been a great week!  Wish we didn’t end up sick, but nothing we can change in life.

I hope this post finds you happily refreshed after a great holiday season.  Rested, organized, laundry and dishes done, with a new lease on life, eagerly waiting for school and work to start full swing again 😉  Ha, it sounds good doesn’t it?

Anyways, here is a look at the last 2 days of our Minimalist Christmas.  Thanks so much for coming along.  If you are here for the first time (thanks so much for coming, so glad to meet you!) you can catch up on our first five days here.  Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5.  Here is our Minimalist Christmas Plan.

Day 6

Day 6 found me still stuck in bed for the whole day.  No fever, but I was still really weak and not feeling great.  The kids had a great day with daddy though.


Ian got a cars puzzle and Lily got some bracelets.  Not very exciting, but I think they liked them alright.



They went to Lost In Fun in Lincoln with their cousins.  It is a fancy indoor playground.  Since I didn’t go, I can’t tell you much about it, but I was told it was super busy.  The kids sure seemed to enjoy it though.

Little Train Set my hubby found to take pictures of.  We have had lots of train pictures up in the last month… an unintentional theme maybe?

It was super dark, crowded, and the kids were running all over the place, so this is the best shot my hubby got.  


Making sugar cookies and decorating them.  I got a kit for this earlier in the week because I didn’t know how our time would be going (vs making them from scratch) and I am glad I did.  Lily made up the dough really good and they both had lots of fun cutting out cookies.  We took them to Grandmas house on Day 7.

 Little hands making little hands.  I love it!


Ian still has the band from Lost In Fun on his wrist.  The sprinkles are the best part!


  1. Gift = $2 (from the dollar section at Michael’s)
  2. Activity = $18 for the two kids
  3. Treat = $2.25ish or maybe less, they were 50% off with Christmas clearance.

Total = 22.25

And… Day 7

Today was the big day!  The big Christmas on the farm with Grandma and Grandpa and all of my hubbies family.  I feel so lucky to be married into such a great family 🙂  There is something so romantic (I have Anne of Green Gables on the mind) about going home to ‘the farm’ for the holidays.

So, still feeling like I was sliding into home plate with energy for our Minimalist Christmas…


With Ian just starting to read I really wanted to get him his own Bible.  Real Bible.  I found a cool one with a strap so I needed to get Lily a new one to match too.  My biggest splurge for the week…. and it was hard, I had to call the hubby… and think hard… I don’t spend money easily.  I think they will be able to last them for years and I really want them to know that this is what we treasure and what has the value in our house.

Bibles are sitting on a super cute pillow case that Grandma sewed for Lily.  She is so good at sewing and comes up with the cutest stuff. 


Cinnamon Buns, we cooked them and took them up to Grandma’s.  (no picture… sorry, it was early)


Grandma’s house and all the family Christmas.  The kids ran so hard all day that they crashed as soon as we got in the car just after 7 this evening.

Shot a lot of pictures of all the cousins running around.  Here are a few.

Ian going on a mule (farm go-cart) ride to collect firewood with Grandpa.

Every girl is a princess.  Princesses were everywhere today.  

My favorite tree ornament.   Bryon added a cool texture to this that almost makes it look a bit like ice in the background.  He rocks.

The kids wanted so bad to get everyone in the extended family a Christmas gift, but their Christmas savings was only about $20 between the two of them.  So we decided on a really fancy candy tray that everyone could share.  Not the healthiest, but the quality was much better than what they might have been able to purchase at about $.50 a person.  Plus, it was cute to watch them work together with their money.

My amazing man.  I shot this pic and I liked it… I don’t get many shots of him.  He edited it very dark.  He must be feeling dark tonight 🙂  He is still hot, and I will still take him home 😉


  1. Gift = $50 for the two Bibles, I got them on sale with a coupon for about half price
  2. Treat = all stuff we had on hand
  3. Activity = nothing (but probably the most fun all week).  Presents for extended family weren’t factored in to our ‘minimalist Christmas’ plan.

Total = $50

For the week total costs:

  1. Gift = $79.28
  2. Activity = $23
  3. Treat = $28

Total = 130.28


Well… first of all I had intended on spending about 60 or 70 on the week.  When I decided on the Bibles I knew we would blow that.  Without the Bibles (and a small gift instead) we might have been closer.

The goal was not to be gift focused and to be more experienced focused…. but the numbers don’t look that way.  Without the $50 for the Bibles it would have been pretty even.  … sounds like the Bibles are the problem 😉  Just kidding.   I am super glad we got them.

Two things that aren’t really factored into this are:

  1. Food, it is hard to really know what the treat meals cost above what we would have already spent for meals…. just including it… I show you how OCD I can be sometimes 🙂
  2. Gas, we drove a bunch… but I am not that OCD  (we do have a Prius, it is costing us less than $40 to travel 500 miles right now!)

All in all, I am excited with the week.   My favorite part was CoCo Key, grilling, and the rug hooking.  (might have something to do with how I was sick and missed 3 days).  I wanted to ask the kids what their favorite parts of the week were… but they fell fast asleep too quick.   … my hubby just says it was all his favorite part. He is super decisive.

Thanks for coming along.  I am excited with where the new year is going to take us.  

Wow, that was a long post.  If you made it this far, congratulations.  I also made up another pin.  I love thinking up quotes.  I will work on making them prettier.


  1. Thank you so much for your posts about your minimalist Christmas week, I loved hearing all about it. While my family did not have a minimalist Christmas, I tried to be more intentional with my gift giving and gave more experience gifts as well. As a mother of two boys, your blog is very encouraging and inspirational for me.

    • Nikki, thanks so much for the comment. So glad you are enjoying it. Nice to meet you!

  2. Michele Michele

    I have loved reading your post about your minimalist Christmas. Thank you for sharing, I’m excited to mention this idea to my husband and to hopefully start this tradition.

  3. I love this post. You should definitely do something like it this year again. Thank you for the inspiration, as always.

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