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Passing The Pages 2

a pic by my hubby

Tried this last month on Loving Simple Living and it was fun so I am trying it again.

This month I am passing on One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp.  I talked about it in my simply books post last Sunday. it is a poetic, extremely authentic picture of how the author has come to understand thanks, grace and live in the present.  Just her understanding of herself and her willingness to share is awesome.

Now I am done and I want to pass it on (cause I live in a tiny apartment and have a very small bookshelf :))

My friend (super-great-person and an amazing writer) Jessy had a great idea with passing on books through our online groupies (community).

Here’s the idea:

I will mail the book to whoever wants it.  You just have to want it (comment that you want it) first and I will mail it to you.

Sound fun?  Want to join in?

Not everyone wants to give away good books, but if you are hanging here cause you are minimalist or flirting with the idea, this is an awesome opportunity to pass the pages or ‘un-buy the book’.

  1. If you got a book that you loved and want to pass on you can put it in the comment section or create a ‘pass the pages’ post on your site and link to it in the comments of this post.  If you put a book you want to pass on in my comment section and someone else comments that they want it I will send both of you an e-mail with both your e-mail addresses.  If you do it on your site it is up to you to connect people.
  2. If you want a book that is noted in the comments, just be the first one to comment 🙂

Mailing book rate in the US comes out at about $5 with a priority envelope (or less with book rate).  I am willing to mail in the US for the book I am giving away:)

(Out of country or between countries is more expensive so if you want to specify what country you are in or where you are willing to mail that is great.  There are readers from South America, Europe and Australia that frequent this site (so my analytics tell me).  Feel free to participate and we can try and match you with someone from your spot on the globe)

So, is there anyone out there in the US who wants One Thousand Gifts?  Comment first and I will send it too you.

Have a book to give away (and ship), note it below.


  1. Shelly Shelly

    I don’t see any comments. So YES! I’d love it! Sounds like a great book, and I’d give it a great home. I think the “pay it forward” concept is a great way to live. Before moving this past year, I probably gave away 1/2 my books to keep the move as easy and light as possible. It was hard to weed out books, but I felt so much lighter and happier when I did it. Love the idea of sharing good books. I haven’t bought a new book in a while because I never know what’s good until someone else recommends one.

  2. oh good, glad you enjoyed it…it’s on my list in goodreads.

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