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Warm Day Winter Hike – Home School Journal

Well, I really felt I should post about actual school on my ‘simple home school post day’ because it seems like I have been posting about us taking off school or field trips so much.  However, that is just what it seems more fun to write about.

On that note.  We are studying Africa, specifically the northern part and the Sahara desert right now and we watched a great movie on it.  National geographic about crossing the Sahara desert and trading salt.  Here is the link if you are interested.

However, I really wanted to share with you our goofing off again this week.  Tuesday was above 50 degrees, and I think we need to create a school policy that says whenever it is over 50 degrees, especially in the winter months, we have to head outside for the afternoon.  It is only fair for their learning, and all our sanity.  (Ian has not taken this winter thing in the apartment sitting down, he doesn’t really even know what sitting down is).

So, after school work and rest time, we headed out to the park for a walk and some play.  Kids walked about 1 mile to get to a playground to play.  Since I text with my hubby all the time I thought I would share from that perspective.  L=me B=hubby.  I added extra info for you in italics.

L-Walked from red to yellow park and playing

B-Cool.  Looks nice out

L-Awesome out here

B-Wish I was there

L-Me too


L-Lily just climbed so high in a tree I can only see her feet (it was a pine tree, and I was standing under it.  Probably 15  feet up in the air)

L-And… she just said she didn’t know how to get down

B-Wow, tell her not to get stuck

L-I am impressed with her (this is the girl, who at 8 years old, is still too scared to ride a bike with training wheels on)

B-Yeah…. That’s good

L-Okay… now Ian is up with her… (Ian is my 4 year old dare devil)

B-Wow, … I hope they don’t fall

L-Ian is jumping to make the tree shake (okay, this was funny except for the fact that he was half way up)


L-Okay…. Can’t see him (Ian)

L-He says he has a great view

L-He slips (just a bit). Lily gasps, and he says ‘Ta-Da’ (this was the funniest part, only because he was almost down.  He is such a clown,……. without a healthy fear of death)

L-All down… still alive

B-You are making me nervous… (says the guy who grew up on a farm and drove a tractor at the age of like 6)

I share this with you because this was one of my growing parenting experiences (because no one fell…. if someone fell, it would have been a bad parenting experience).  I am trying to be a more laid back mother.  I think kids benefit from getting dirty, and climbing trees.  I have always thought that, but it is harder when it is my own kids.  ‘don’t ruin your cloths’ and ‘your going to fall and break your neck’ are much closer to my true self.  Life is tough.  Clothes get ruined, and lots of scary and tragic things happen, but living in fear of this steals so much living.

As we left for our mile walk back to the car, the kids were so excited.  Lily had a plan to make big buttons that said ‘Professional Tree Climber’ for both her and her brother, and they were both talking about all the places they would wear them.  It was the highlight of the afternoon for them.

Now, back to the books.  It is going to be freezing cold for as far out as the weather people feel comfortable guessing 🙂  Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Lorilee,
    Last week and part of this week the weather was awesome in Maryland. Today thought the temperature is dropping and it is getting windy outside.

    Letting our kids be kids is so important for their growth. Kids don’t care if their clothes get messed up or if they get dirty.

    take care…

    • yep, you guys were probably just a few days behind on some of this cold weather as it goes across the country. Yesterday was freezing. Almost the single digits. Thanks so much for your comment!

  2. Kari Kari

    Great post Lorilee…as usual!

    • Thanks!

  3. Hi Lorilee,
    I can really relate to your ‘tree-climbing-story’, I have a lot of heart jumping moments when my children are exploring life 😉
    I love your photo’s, they are beautiful.

    • Thanks so much! They have fun, I get gray hair 🙂

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