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Art of Backpacking – Way Fun Blog!


Welcome to the featured blog spot this week on Loving Simple Living.  I feature blogs that I love and I think my readers (you) would benefit from. Some are minimalist, some are travel, some are vegan cooking… you get the idea 🙂

So I found Art of Backpacking a few weeks ago on the Google Currents App.  One of the great mysteries of life might be why they have less subscribers than me because there site is way cooler 🙂   It is a group of some of the coolest people in the world who wander the globe with a backpack.  Simply living with what they love and doing what they love.  I love travel. Travel might not be your thing, but these people are another example of intentional living. (photo credit)

This is what the site is about:

Backpacking is about simplicity. It’s cutting the unnecessary and going for what really counts; experiences. It’s not only a way to travel, it’s a lifestyle. Backpackers are adrenaline junkies always seeking adventure in every part of the world. For many backpackers, they’ve quit their daily routine at home and went to travel the world from months to years or more.

It’s packing your necessities in a backpack and jet-setting the globe. They are budget seekers and tend to go on extended trips for this reason. You’ll find them nearly in every part of the world trying to blend in as a local.

Anyone can be a backpacker. Source

A few quotes I love:

“budget options to experience more, going beyond the tourist route, natural wonders, and our experience with the locals.”

“Our focus is simplicity, minimalism, experiences, and adventure. It’s cutting travel costs, but not cutting the exciting elements of adventure. Our mission is to help you travel in style; to distinctive places and to have fun doing so!”

“Long-term travel is possible and is often sought for by backpackers. Our mission is to make sure you know it’s possible. Two weeks of travel might be okay for some but for us — we want a year or more of complete freedom to travel and live our dream.” Source

I have been lost reading in articles on their site for a while now trying to find some good ones to share with you.  They are all good.  Lots of great discussion the comments sections too.

This article had me laughing so hard I was tearing up.  Gotta get to Asia sometime soon 🙂

Here is a good place to start — New to Art of Backpacking page — It has links to some of their most popular posts.

Thanks AOB for letting me feature you today!  And thanks for all the great dreaming.  Maybe someday we can meet up somewhere on the other side of the globe 🙂

Do you have a favorite website you would like to see featured?  Shoot me an e-mail


  1. Thanks for bringing that to your reader’s attention! Will check it out. Love their 2nd quote! Pretty cool.

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